IPL RecordsWho is the King of IPL? Batting, Bowling, Sixer and Captain

Who is the King of IPL? Batting, Bowling, Sixer and Captain

Every IPL player strives to win the title of King of IPL after earning fair play awards, Orange and Purple caps. Even so, earning the IPL title of King is just as hard as achieving other IPL titles. Each IPL player has to perform very well to achieve the title of IPL King.

To receive the title of King, each player must efficiently carry out the duties assigned to them in the league.
To win this, a batter must perform excellently over the seasons. Similarly, a bowler must perform very well with the bowl to win the King of Bowler award in IPL.

Similarly, an Indian Premier League team that consistently performs well and wins numerous trophies is considered the King of the IPL team. Additionally, a batter who hits most sixes in IPL is known as the Sixer King of the IPL. Hence, an IPL captain who wins trophies and performs well is known as the King of the IPL captain.

These players are treated very special. They are showered with love and support, which gives them more self-assurance. It increases his team’s confidence in him, which leads to him performing well in the following IPL seasons.

Several IPL Prince have a significant fan base and have received much recognition for constantly putting on match-winning performances, making history, and leading their teams to victory.

Furthermore, a player’s performance in the IPL is often considered a sign of their overall cricketing ability. As the tournament is watched closely by cricket fans all over the world. This enhances the IPL King’s fame and popularity. We shall see the players who have previously received the title of IPL King in this article.

Who is the Batting King of IPL?

IPL has had a number of legendary hitters who excel with the bat. Yet, there is only one King who can be considered as the IPL’s batting king. He is an incredibly versatile batter who played brilliantly under pressure for his team. When he began playing in the IPL, his career with the RCB and batting was successful. Wouldn’t it make you all eager to know more about this champion? Virat Kohli is the IPL’s current batting champion and King. Why is Virat Kohli the batting King of the IPL?

batting king of ipl
  • He has scored 6706 runs in 224 IPL matches for Royal Challengers Bangalore.
  • His name is among the top century makers in IPL. He has scored 05 centuries in IPL.
  • He has the highest runs scored as an IPL captain. He scored 4881 runs in 140 IPL matches.
  • He has one Orange cap to his name that he won in IPL 2016.
  • He jointly holds the records with Jos Buttler for most centuries in a Single Season of IPL. He scored 04 centuries in IPL 2016.
  • He also holds the record for the highest runs as a batter or leading runs scorer for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The above stats show Virat Kohli is the IPL’s unquestioned batting champion. He will likely maintain this position in future years and seasons.

Who is the Bowling King of IPL?

Lasith Malinga retired from the IPL but still holds the record for IPL Bowling King. His open-arm bowling action presented a danger to almost every batter in the IPL. In addition, during his IPL career, he was known for his Yorkers. His nickname among IPL fans is still “Yorker King of IPL.” He used his Yorkers in his death bowling spells to trouble the batters. Overall, Malinga’s IPL career was a huge success, and he will go into legend as one of the greatest T20 bowlers of all time. Why is Malinga known as the bowling prince of IPL?

  • He remained the highest wicket-taker of IPL for many years. Later on, his record was surpassed by Dwayne Bravo.
  • Lasith Malinga took 170 wickets in 122 IPL games. He bowled with an excellent economy of 07 and a bowling average of 19.
  • He is still considered as one of the best death-over bowlers in IPL history.
  • He played for one franchise Mumbai Indians in his IPL career. This demonstrates the success of his brand for the Mumbai Indians.

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Who is the Sixer King of IPL?

Chris Gayle is the sixer King of IPL. He hit 357 sixes in his IPL career for different franchises. Chris Gayle is regarded as one of T20 cricket’s most dangerous batters, and his IPL performances have been nothing short of spectacular. Moreover, he has the highest individual score of 175 runs in IPL and T20 cricket history. Why is Chris Gayle called as sixer King of IPL?

sixer king of ipl
  • His 43 percent of IPL runs came from hitting sixes, the highest percentage of any batter in IPL history.
  • On average, he made a six on every ninth ball of his innings. This is a fantastic record in IPL history.
  • In the IPL, his record of 357 sixes appears untouchable.

Who is the King of IPL Captain?

If I only asked you, “Who is the King of IPL captain?” The majority of you will answer about MS Dhoni. Yes, he was the old King of IPL captain. But now, someone has surpassed him as the King of IPL captain. Who could this player be? He is Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Mumbai Indians and the current King of IPL Captain. 

Rohit Sharma provided excellent leadership for the Mumbai Indians. Mumbai Indians, who he led as captain, had the most success in IPL history.

Rohit Sharma is renowned for his ability to lead from the front. He is also known for his superb aggressive batting performances and his cool leadership style. He has been one of the Mumbai Indians’ most dependable players throughout the years. His IPL captaincy aided him in becoming the Indian national team captain. Why is he the King of IPL Captains?

  • He has his name among the captains who have scored the most runs as an IPL captain. 
  • He has won 05 trophies for Mumbai Indians as a captain. He achieved this record in 2013, 2017, 2019, and 2020 seasons of IPL.
  • In terms of IPL win percentage, he is ranked among the top IPL captains.

Based on the data presented above, we can conclude that he is the best captain in IPL history.

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Which Team is the King of IPL?

CSK, KKR, and MI are one of the best teams in IPL history. In the early years of IPL, CSK was the King of IPL. Now, Mumbai Indians are considered the King of IPL. MI has won several IPL trophies. Similarly, KKR is the team that has won two out of three finals of the IPL.
The Mumbai Indians have a solid team with a decent balance of seasoned and young players. They are known for their dominant team leadership, well-thought-out strategy, and leading field performance.
They have a large fan base and are regularly selected as one of the favorites to emerge victorious. Mumbai Indians are certainly the current IPL’s King.

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