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Who is the Real Player in IPL Logo? AB de Villiers or Someone Else

The Indian Premier League is one of the most popular cricket leagues in the world. It has millions of fans all around the world. The majority of fans are from India and neighboring countries. There have been numerous controversies among IPL fans. One of such hotly debated controversies is the player in the IPL logo.

Since players are a major component of most sports leagues, any league’s logo might have a number of those components. Similarly, IPL has a batsman element as the main component of the logo. But there is a big debate about who the player in the IPL logo is. The majority of Indian fans believe the logo is attributed to an Indian player. While Pakistani fans claimed that the IPL logo illustrated a Pakistani player. This topic and controversy are nevertheless heavily debated. Don’t worry; in this post, we’ll find the answer.

Does the IPL logo include AB de Villiers?

Most cricket fans believe that AB de Villiers is the player in the IPL logo. This logo was designed by taking reference from the above picture of AB de Villiers. Yet, this image comes from a game played after years of logo creation. So, technically and logically, it appears wrong to match this photo of AB de Villiers with the player icon in the logo. As a result, regardless of how closely the two players match, it has been established that the player in the logo is not Ab de Villers.

ab de villiers in ipl logo

Does the IPL logo include Mashrafe Mutraza?

How many of you are familiar with Mashraffe Murtaza, the Bangladeshi all-rounder? Well, he is well-known in the cricket world and has a considerable fan base all over the world. He is the player who served as the inspiration for the IPL logo. In reality, Mashrafe Murataza played this shot in World Cup in 2007. Mashrafe Murtaza and the batter icon in the IPL logo are a close match. So it has been established that Mashrafe Mutraza is the player illustrated in the IPL logo.

who is the player in ipl logo?

Another fact that supports this argument is the time of the creation of the logo. Since the IPL logo was created before the start of the IPL in 2008. At that time, the Internet had only a few cricket images closely related to this player icon in the logo. Therefore, Mashrafe Murtaza’s image was among the few images selected for creating that logo.

Akash Chopra on IPL logo Player

Former Indian cricketer Akash Chopra also verified in his video that Mashrafe Murtaza was taken as an inspiration for the IPL logo. After this verification, it is clear that Mashrafe Murtaza was the player taken as an inspiration for the IPL logo.

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