IPL RecordsMost Final Played by a Team in IPL 2008 - 2023?

Most Final Played by a Team in IPL 2008 – 2023?

Every IPL team aspires to play in a final because it is a special honour. Some teams achieve this dream in their first season, while others struggle for many years. Any team that plays IPL final first season is referred to as lucky, while those who fall short are called unlucky and unsuccessful IPL teams.

Any IPL team with the most losses in the final match is considered the poorest, worst or unluckiest. This team is sometimes referred to by fans as the Choker team because of its poor performance under pressure.
If any team performs poorly, IPL supporters will merely ignore this type of performance. But when losing the final match became a regular occurrence, this team became the worst. In this article, we will look at those teams which have played the most finals matches in IPL history. We will also look at most final losses and most finals played by captains in the IPL history.

TeamFinals PlayedWonLostWin %
Chennai Super Kings94544
Mumbai Indians65183
Kolkata Knight Riders32166
Rajasthan Royals21150
Sunrisers Hyderabad21150
Deccan Chargers110100
Dehli Capitals1010
Gujrat Titans110100
Kings XI Punjab1010
Pune Supergiant1010
Most Final Played in IPL by a Team

Top Teams with Most Appearances in IPL Final

Now, we will see how many times each team of IPL (CSK, MI, KKR, RCB, RR) played in the final.

Most Finals Played by a Team in IPL

Chennai Super Kings – 09

Chennai Super Kings have played 09 final matches of IPL. They have won four IPL final games and lost five. CSK has a history of losing and appearing in most IPL finals.

In the first season of the IPL 2008, they showed their first potential to advance to the finals. After this, they continued to play well season after season and made the finals. 

It should be noted that Chennai battled hard in each IPL final was one of the hallmarks of their performance. Due to their success in making it to the finals, they earned popularity and made a lasting impression.

Below, we will see how many times CSK advanced to and claimed the IPL finals.

2008Rajasthan RoyalslostDY Patil
2010Mumbai IndianswonDY Patil
2013Mumbai IndianslostEden Gardens
2015Mumbai IndianslostEden Gardens
2018Sunrisers HyderabadwonWankhede
2019Mumbai IndianslostHyderabad
2021KKRwonDubai (DSC)
Chennai Super Kings All IPL Finals

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians is also one of the most successful teams in IPL history. They have played 06 IPL finals so far (till 2022), winning 05 and losing only 01. Therefore, they have a better win percentage than any other IPL team in the finals. Only the Mumbai Indians have this extremely uncommon record in the IPL.

Mumbai Indians fans would be extremely proud of this Mumbai achievement. This makes this team one of the IPL’s unbeatable teams, without a doubt.

Mumbai Indians played their first IPL final in the 2010 season of IPL and lost that final to Chennai Super Kings.

Now, we will see how many times Mumbai Indians reached and won the IPL finals.

2010Chennai Super KingslostDY Patil
2013Chennai Super KingswonEden Gardens
2015Chennai Super KingswonEden Gardens
2017Pune SupergiantwonHyderabad
2019Chennai Super KingswonHyderabad
2020Dehli CapitalswonDubai (DSC)
Mumbai Indians Appearances in All IPL Finals

Kolkata Knight Riders

The IPL team considered as the most undervalued is Kolkata Knight Riders. However, this team has actually played in three IPL finals, winning two and losing one. They played their first IPL finals in 2012 under the captaincy of Gautam Gambhir against Chennai Super Kings. 

At the time, CSK was one of the IPL’s toughest and dangerous teams. The KKR team’s management and captain deserve all the credit for their outstanding performance in the IPL 2012 title game.

  • Their second final stint came in IPL 2014 season against Kings XI Punjab. Once again, they won the final game. 
  • Third time they played the final in IPL 2021 versus Chennai Super Kings. They lost the match and title of IPL 2021. 

Here is their detailed analysis of all the finals they played in the IPL.

2012v Super KingswonChennai
2014v Kings XIwonBengaluru
2021v Super KingslostDubai (DSC)
Kolkata Knight Riders IPL Finals Appearances

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat Kohli’s longtime team, is considered as one of the IPL Final’s most constricted teams. This is because, despite having excellent teams in the past, they have never won an IPL final. 

RCB qualified for IPL finals thrice, winning none of the games. They played IPL finals in 2009, 2011 and 2016 seasons of IPL. Only once did they meet CSK, a difficult opponent, while in other finals, they faced Deccan Chargers and Sunrisers Hyderabad, two very easy opponents.

The RCB-devoted fans have been waiting for their team to win the IPL title. They frequently react angrily when their own teams perform poorly in the IPL finals.

2009v ChargerslostJohannesburg
2011v Super KingslostChennai
2016v SunriserslostBengaluru
RCB All IPL Finals Lists

Rajasthan Royals 

Another team that has had ups and downs in the IPL finals is Rajasthan Royals. Overall, they reached the final IPL twice in history. They made a really good impression by reaching the final of IPL 2008. Shane Warne, the famous captain of the Rajasthan Royals, gets all the credit for assisting his side in winning the inaugural IPL trophy.

In actuality, his courageous leadership of the Rajasthan Royals in 2008 won the imaginations of many fans.

The second time, they reached the final of IPL in the 2022 season after a long wait. This final was played against Gujarat Titans, and Rajasthan Royals lost that match.

2008Chennai Super KingswonDY Patil
2022Gujrat TitanslostAhmedabad
Rajasthan Appearances in IPL Finals

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sunrisers Hyderabad made it to the IPL final twice, losing once and winning once. SRH had the luckiest seasons when they were able to win both seasons’ title matches in 2016 and 2018.

Firstly, they won the first final against Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2016 season. This was their first title victory in IPL history. Secondly, they reached the final of the IPL in the 2018 season and lost the final.

2018Chennai Super KingslostWankhede
SRH Appearances in IPL Final

Gujarat Titans

The new team in the IPL is Gujarat Titans. They start their IPL journey in 2022 season. What a show they gave the IPL crowd. Because of the 2022 title victory, their IPL participation will always be remembered as a spectacular entrance. They played the final under the captaincy of Hardik Pandya, winning the match against Rajasthan Royals.

2022Rajasthan RoyalswonAhmedabad

Punjab Kings

One of the first teams in the IPL, Punjab Kings, has a lot of expertise. However, their skill is only on paper because they were unsuccessful in winning an IPL final. Only one time they made it into the IPL final in the 2014 season against KKR. They lost the final after a thrilling fight against the KKR. 

2014v KKRlostBengaluru
Punjab Kings in IPL Final

Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals is another IPL team with an ordinary performance in the IPL final. They made it to the IPL final in the 2020 season and lost the match against Mumbai Indians.

2020Mumbai IndianslostDubai (DSC)
Dehli Capitals in IPL Finals

Most Final Played as Captains in IPL

MS Dhoni has played most finals as captain in IPL. He succeeded to appear in 9 IPL finals and won the title four times.

CaptainFinals PlayedTeamWon
MS Dhoni9Chennai Super Kings4
Rohit Sharma5Mumbai Indians5
Gautam Gambhir2Kolkata Knight Riders2
Most Finals Played by Captain in IPL Finals

Most Final Played by a Player in IPL

MS Dhoni has appeared in most (10) IPL finals. In nine seasons, he represented CSK and in one Season Rising Pune Supergiants. Suresh Raina follows him with eight appearances in IPL for CSK.

PlayerTeamsAppearances in IPL Finals
Sures RainaCSK8
Ravichandran AshwinCSK, DC, RR7
Dwayne BravoCSK7
Ravindra JadejaCSK, RR7
Ambati RayuduCSK, MI7
Most appearances in IPL Finals as a Player


Which IPL Team has played most finals?

Chennai Super Kings has played most IPL Finals. They appeared in 9 Finals of IPL and manage to win 4 IPL Titles.

Which team faced the most IPL final loses?

CSK faces the most losses in IPL Finals. They lost 5 IPL finals.

How many times RCB lost IPL Final?

RCB succeeded to reach in IPL finals three times. In 2009 they lost against Deccan Chargers in 2011 and in 2016 against CSK and SRH.

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