IPL RecordsMost Sixes in IPL History, Top 10 Players

Most Sixes in IPL History, Top 10 Players

Every IPL team must have a batter with the skills of a big powerful hitter. Any batter who can hit sixes in a game helps their team to be the most dangerous side in the league. These batsmen are extremely useful in the powerplay and death overs. They surprise their supporters by hitting all over the stadium. The majority of teams use Powerplay or death overs to send their big hitters. By hitting big sixes, they give their teams a significant advantage in terms of creating a large target for the opposition. As a result, we can see how having big hitters affects a team’s overall performance. In this article, we will look at the 10 players who have hit the most sixes in the Indian Premier League.

Chris Gayle14249654043572009-2021
AB de Villiers18451624132512008-2021
Rohit Sharma22758795192402008-2022
MS Dhoni23449783462292008-2022
Kieron Pollard18934122182232010-2022
Virat Kohli22366245782182008-2022
David Warner16258815772162009-2022
Suresh Raina20555285062032008-2021
Shane Watson14538743751902008-2020
Top 10 Players with Most Sixes in IPL 2008 – 2023

01. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle has been a fixture in international cricket for many years, but the IPL has shaped him in a different way. His true talent and impact were on display in the IPL, where he broke numerous records. The most notable records are the most runs scored as an opener in the IPL and the most sixes. In total, he has 357 sixes to his name with a 39 average and 149 strike rate in his IPL career. He has 06 IPL centuries and 31 fifties to his name in his IPL career. He represented 03 IPL teams which are Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Banglore, and Punjab Kings. 

  • For RCB, he hit 239 sixes in 85 IPL matches.
  • For KKR, he hit 26 sixes in 16 IPL matches.
  • For Punjab Kings, he hit 92 sixes in 41 IPL matches.
chris gayle hit most sixes in ipl 357. He hit 239 for rcb 92 for punjab kings and 26 for kkr

02. AB de Villiers

Ab De Villiers is known as Mr. 360 because of his ability to hit all over the field. In the IPL, he was a key player for Royal Challengers Bangalore, scoring 5162 runs in 184 IPL matches. In total, he has 251 sixes to his name at a strike rate of 151.68 with an excellent average of 39. In addition, he has 40 fifties and three hundred in his IPL career. He represented 02 IPL teams Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Banglore.

  • For RCB, he hit 238 sixes in 156 IPL matches at an average of 41.
  • For DD, he hit 13 sixes in 28 IPL matches at an average of 31 with a 117 strike rate.

ab de villier hit 251 sixes in ipl 238 for rcb and 13 for dd

03. Rohit Sharma

In the IPL, Rohit Sharma is known as one of the most dangerous players in IPL. Apart from hitting sixes, he is well known for leading the Mumbai Indians to the most IPL trophies as captain. He has played with the Mumbai Indians and the Deccan Chargers, both of which have won titles. In total, he hit 236 sixes in 223 IPL matches with a batting average of 30. As a Captian, he hit 139 sixes in 139 IPL matches.

  • Rohit Sharma scored 185 sixes for MI, second only to Kieron Pollard’s 222.
  • For DC, he hit 51 sixes in 45 IPL matches at an average of 30 with a 131 strike rate.
rohit sharma hit 236 sixes in ipl 185 for mumbai indian and 51 for deccan chargers

04. MS Dhoni

After Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni is the most successful skipper in IPL history. In past IPL seasons, he has been the backbone of the Chennai Super Kings and has led from the front. He has a batting average of 39 and has scored 4909 runs in 231 IPL matches as a captain. In total, he has 226 sixes in his name in IPL. 

  • For CSK, MS Dhoni smashed 196 sixes in 201 IPL matches with a batting average of 40 at a strike rate of 137. 
  • For RPS, MS Dhoni smashed 30 sixes in 30 matches with a batting average of 31. 
ms dhoni hit 226 sixes in ipl 196 for chennai super kings and 30 for rising pune super giants

05. Kieron Pollard 

Kieron Pollard has played in practically every major cricket league in the world, but his IPL career represents his ultimate cricket ability. In the IPL, he only played for one team, the Mumbai Indians, and scored 3397 runs in 188 games with a 28 batting average. When it comes to sixes, K Pollard has hammered 222 in his IPL career. His highest individual score is 87*, and he has 16 half-centuries to his credit. His enormous power-hitting shots never fail to enthrall fans not just in the IPL, but all over the world. He has a natural talent for hitting the longest sixes in the crowd.

kieron pollard hit 222 sixes in ipl all for mumbai indians

06. David Warner

David Warner is a talented Australian left-handed batsman who served as the foundation of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team. Although he left SRH last season, his contribution to the team is remembered. He has also played for the Delhi franchise in addition to SRH. in total, he smashed 259 sixes in 159 IPL matches. He scored 5284 runs with a batting average of 42.

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  • For Delhi Capitals, he smashed 72 sixes in 64 IPL matches with a batting average of 31 at a strike rate of 137
  • For Sunrisers Hyderabad, he smashed 143 sixes in 95 matches with a batting average of 49
david warner hit 259 sixes in ipl 72 for delhi capitals and 143 for sun risers hyderabad

07. Virat Kohli

In recent years, Indian cricket and the IPL have been dominated by Virat Kohli. He has set numerous records, the most notable of which is the most runs in the IPL. He scored 6499 runs in 219 IPL matches with a 36 batting average for Royal Challengers Banglore. In addition to this, he smashed 216 sixes with 43 half-centuries and 05 hundred.

He captained RCB for 140 games, winning 64 and losing 69. He is the most successful captain in the IPL behind MS Dhoni in terms of winning percentage. MS Dhoni has a 61% win percentage while Kohli has a 45%.

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virat kohli hit 216 sixes in ipl all for royal challanger banglore

08. Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina is regarded as Mr.IPL due to his brilliant performance in IPL. He played for the Gujarat Lions and the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League. He scored 5528 runs in 205 IPL matches with a 32 batting average. In total, he smashed 203 sixes with a 136 batting strike rate. He is the 4th Indian batter to smash more than 200 IPL sixes after MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, and Virat Kohli.

  • For GL, he smashed 23 sixes in 29 IPL matches with a batting average of 33 at a strike rate of 135
  • For CSK, he smashed 180 sixes in 170 matches with a batting average of 32. He is second after MS Dhoni to score the most sixes for CSK. 

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suresh raina 203 sixes in ipl 180 for chennai super kings and 23 gujrat lions.

09. Shane Watson

Shane Watson is among the best all-rounders the game has ever seen. He played in several competitions all around the world, especially in the IPL, where he set world records. In IPL, he represented Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, and Royal Challengers Banglore. In total, he smashed 190 sixes in 145 IPL matches with a batting average of 30. 

  • For CSK, he smashed 68 sixes in 43 matches with a batting average of 30.
  • For RCB, he smashed 13 sixes in 24 matches with a batting average of 13.
  • For RR, he smashed 109 sixes in 78 matches with a batting average of 36.

So, we can see that Shane Watson performed exceptionally well for Rajasthan Royals.

shane watson hit 190 sixes in ipl 68 for csk 109 for rajhsthan royals and 13 for rcb

10. Robin Uthappa

Robin Uthappa has represented Chennai, Kolkata, Rajasthan, Pune Warriors, and Bengaluru in the IPL. In total, he smashed 182 matches in 204 IPL matches with 27 batting average and 27 half-centuries. 

  • For CSK, he smashed 19 sixes in 15 matches with a 24 batting average.
  • For KKR, he smashed 12 sixes in 14 matches.
  • For MI, he smashed 09 sixes in 14 matches.
  • For RCB, he smashed 30 sixes in 31 matches.
  • For  PWI, he smashed 32 sixes in 46 matches.
robin uthappa hit 182 sixes in ipl
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