IPL RecordsMost Unsuccessful Team in IPL History

Most Unsuccessful Team in IPL History

Every team in the IPL wants to be successful, but the event’s competitiveness makes this a hard task. So, the majority of the teams are unsuccessful and called the worst teams of the event. There are many factors that make any team unsuccessful but the most common are lack of competitive side, bad decisions, and bad selection of the team.

Worst Teams in IPL History

In this article, we will have a deep analysis of unsuccessful teams of IPL based on their win percentages. 

Kings XI2291031220.844
Super Kings220127901.411
Guj Lions3013160.812
Super Giants2614111.272
Worst Team in IPL History

1. Punjab Kings – 44 %

  • Punjab Kings is one of the most unsuccessful teams in IPL history with a win % of 44 percent. 
  • They had an excellent start to their IPL debut in 2008, winning 10 out of 15 matches with a 66 percent winning ratio, but lost momentum in later seasons.
  • Their second-best season was in 2014 when they finished second on the table. They won 12 matches out of 17 matches with a win percentage of 70.
  • Punjab King’s lowest winning percentage was 27% back in 2015.
  • The rest of the seasons was uneventful for Punjab Kings, and they were unable to claim the top positions on the table. Their seasonal win percentage is as follows:
Punjab Kings is worst team in ipl history with 44 winning percentage.

2. Delhi Capitals – 44 %

Delhi Capitals is the second-worst team in IPL with a win percentage of 44 % which is the second-best after Punjab Kings. They achieved this percentage by winning 100 matches out of 224 matches played till 2022.

  • Like Punjab Kings, they had an excellent start to their IPL career winning a semi-final spot in the 2008-09 season. After that, they lose momentum, winning the fewest games in 2011, 2013, and 2014.
  • DC has had a great season in the past, finishing first on the points table in 2021 and third and second in 2020 and 2019, respectively. Their seasonal win percentage is as follows:
delhi capitals winning percentage in IPL

3. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 47%

Because of their lack of wins in the closing stages of the league, Royal Challengers Bangalore is known as the IPL’s chokers. They played 05 Playoffs and 03 finals of IPL but they are yet to win an IPL final.

Although they have some of the most dangerous batsmen in IPL on their side. Still, RCB is the third most unsuccessful team in IPL. They have a 48 % win percentage and are ranked in 8th position on the list of teams with the most win percentage. Their season-wise win percentage is as follows:

RCB winning percentage in IPL

4. Sunrisers Hyderabad – 48%

Sunrisers debuted in the IPL in the 2013 season, and in a short amount of time, they established themselves as one of the best-performing teams in the league. Overall, they have a 48 % win percentage in IPL. 

  • After a good initial start, they lost their momentum in the league with a decrease in win percentage.
  • The 2021 season was the worst experience for SRH as they lost 11 matches out of 14 with a 21 % win percentage.
SRH win percentage in IPL

5. Rajasthan Royals – 48%

Rajasthan Royals known for their dangerous bowling attack in IPL is the 5th most unsuccessful team in IPL with a win percentage of 48. 

  • Shane Warne led this club superbly in 2008, losing only three matches out of 16 and having one of the highest win percentages in an IPL season of 81 percent.
  • Rajasthan qualified 03 times for the Playoffs and 02 times for the final (2008,2009). They won only one final in 2008. Here is the season-wise win percentage of Rajasthan is as follows:
RR winning percentage in IPL

6. Kolkata Knight Riders – 50%

Kolkata Knight Riders had a successful IPL career, reaching the playoffs 4 times and the final thrice (2012,2014, and 2021). They won two IPL titles (2012 and 2014) under the leadership of Gautam Gambhir.

  • KKR had an excellent win percentage of 50 percent in IPL. They finished 3rd, 4th, and 5th on the table for the majority of the seasons. Their detailed season-wise win percentage is as follows;
KKR win percentage in IPL

7. Mumbai Indians – 55%

MI is one of the most successful teams in IPL history with a 55% win percentage and played most IPL Finals.

  • Mumbai performed brilliantly in almost every season of IPL except 2022 where they got 10th position on the table. This is the worst position for Mumbai in the history of IPL.
  • In the majority of IPL seasons, Mumbai secured more than 50 % winning percentage. MI is one of the top IPL teams because of their consistent performance. Their seasonal win percentage is as follows:
MI win % in IPL

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8. Chennai Super Kings – 57%

IPL 2022 was the worst season for Chennai Super Kings as they achieved the lowest win percentage in history. They won only 04 matches out of a total of 14 which is the lowest in their track record. Since 2008, Chennai has earned more than 55% of the win percentage in nearly every season.

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  • Overall, CSK has a 57 % win percentage in IPL and is ranked among the top teams with the highest percentage. Their season-wise win percentage is as follows;
CSK winning percentage in IPL

9. Lucknow Super Giants – 60%

Lucknow Super Giants made their IPL debut in the 2022 season. They outperformed their fans’ expectations, and everyone loved their performance. 

  • LSG achieved 3rd position on the table which is considered as a big achievement for a debut in IPL. They had an excellent win percentage of 60%.

10. Gujrat Titans – 75%

Gujrat Titans shocked everyone with their debut IPL season of 2022. They achieved a 75 % win percentage which is the highest among debut teams in IPL history. With such a splendid performance, they made their first season memorable for their fans.

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Which was the worst team in IPL 2022?

Mumbai Indians were the most unsuccessful team in IPL 2022 by achieving the lowest win percentage of 28%. They won only 04 matches out of a total of 14. 

Which was the worst team in IPL 2021?

Sunrisers Hyderabad was the worst team in IPL 2021 by achieving a 21% win percentage. They won only 03 matches out of 14 in IPL 2021.

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