IPL RecordsTata IPL Points Table from 2008 to 2023 - Top Teams

Tata IPL Points Table from 2008 to 2023 – Top Teams

Ten different teams got the top position on the IPL points table from 2008 to 2023. In the first season of IPL 2008, Rajasthan Royals get the first position on the points table with 11 wins and 22 points.

Mumbai Indians is the only team that gets the first position on the points table of IPL in four seasons. They first became the top team on the IPL points table in 2010 under Sachin Tendulkar. After that, Rohit Sharma continued this legacy as captain and got the top spot in 2017, 2019, and 2020.
CSK got first position on the IPL points table three times under MS Dhoni’s captaincy in 2013, 2015, and 2021. They can beat Mumbai Indians, but the franchise gets banned from IPL for two seasons.

IPL 2023 Points Table – Tata IPL 16 Team Position & Standings

Ten Teams will compete to get the top position on IPL Points Table 2023. Gujrat Titans have more chances to get the highest position on the points table as they won the IPL title last year.
In the group stage, every team will face each other two times. Each win will carry two points, while both teams will get one point in a draw or Tie match. The below table shows the top teams on the IPL 2023 points table.

PositionTeamPlayedWonLostNRNet Run RatePoints
1Gujarat Titans1410400.80920
2Chennai Super Kings148510.65217
3Lucknow Super Giants148510.28417
4Mumbai Indians14860-0.04416
5Rajasthan Royals147700.14814
6Royal Challengers Bangalore147700.13514
7Kolkata Knight Riders14680-0.23912
8Punjab Kings14680-0.30412
9Delhi Capitals14590-0.80810
10Sunrisers Hyderabad144100-0.598
Tata IPL 2023 Points Tables

All Time IPL Points Table from 2008 to 2023

A total of 15 teams participated in all seasons of IPL. Many teams participated in a few seasons, but big franchises have been in since it started.
Mumbai Indians played all seasons of IPL; that is one of the reasons that they got more points overall—followed by KKR and CSK. The below table represents the all-time top teams on the IPL points table.

SR.TeamMatchesWonWin %Total PointsLostTiedN/R
1Mumbai Indians21411955.612399401
2Kolkata Knight Riders21410649.5321610404
3Chennai Super Kings18610656.992147802
4Royal Challengers Bangalore21410348.1321210506
5Delhi Capitals21410147.220511003
6Punjab Kings21410046.7320011400
7Rajasthan Royals1869249.461899105
8Sunrisers Hyderabad14271501417001
9Deccan Chargers722737.5554401
10Rising Pune Supergiants281450281400
11Gujarat Lions281346.43261500
12Pune Warriors461226.09253301
13Gujarat Titans141071.4320400
14Lucknow Super Giants14964.2918500
15Kochi Tuskers Kerala14642.8612800
IPL Over All Points Table from 2008 to 2023

IPL 2022 Points Table – Tata IPL 15 Team Position & Standings

Gujrat Titans get the first postition on IPL points table in 2022. They won 10 out of 14 games and get 20 points. RR and LSG both won nine games and earn 18 points, but RR get secod spot on the table because of batter run rate.

PositionTeamsMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Gujarat Titans141071.43400200.316
2Rajasthan Royals14964.29700180.298
3Lucknow Super Giants14964.29500180.251
4Royal Challengers Bangalore14857.1460016-0.253
5Delhi Capitals14750700140.204
6Punjab Kings14750700140.126
7Kolkata Knight Riders14642.86800120.146
8Sunrisers Hyderabad1475070012-0.379
9Chennai Super Kings14428.5710008-0.203
10Mumbai Indians14428.5710008-0.506
Tata IPL 202 Points Table

IPL 2021 Points Table- Season 14

Delhi Capitals won the most games in IPL 2021 and led the table with 20 points. They won 10 matches with a winning percentage of 71. Chennai Super Kings get the second position with 18 points and nine wins.

PositionTeamMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Delhi Capitals141071.43400200.481
2Chennai Super Kings14964.29500180.455
3Royal Challengers Bangalore14964.2950018-0.14
4Kolkata Knight Riders14750700140.587
5Mumbai Indians14750700140.116
6Punjab Kings14642.8680012-0.001
7Rajasthan Royals14535.7190010-0.993
8Sunrisers Hyderabad14321.4311006-0.545
IPL 2021 Pointsb Table

IPL 2020 Points Table – Season 13

Mumbai Indian wins 64 percent of the games in the 13th season of IPL and leads the points table. They won nine games and lost only five. Delhi Capitals won eight matches, and SRH won seven to get the second and third spots, respectively.

PositionTeamMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Mumbai Indians14964.29500181.107
2Delhi Capitals14857.1460016-0.109
3Sunrisers Hyderabad14750700140.608
4Royal Challengers Bangalore1475070014-0.17214
5Kolkata Knight Riders1475070014-0.214
6Punjab Kings14642.8680012-0.162
7Chennai Super Kings14642.8680012-0.455
8Rajasthan Royals14642.8680012-0.569
IPL 2020 Points Tables 2020

IPL 2019 Points Table

MI, CSK, and DC all teams won nine games and got 18 points. But Mumbai gets the top spot because of their better run rate, followed by CSK in second position and DC in third.

PositionTeamMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Mumbai Indians14964.29500180.421
2Chennai Super Kings14964.29500180.131
3Delhi Capitals14964.29500180.044
4Sunrisers Hyderabad14642.86800120.577
5Kolkata Knight Riders14642.86800120.028
6Punjab Kings14642.8680012-0.251
7Rajasthan Royals14535.7180111-0.449
8Royal Challengers Bangalore14535.7180111-0.607
IPL 2019 Points Table

IPL 2018 Points Table

In IPL 2018 point table Sunrisers won 9 matches with a winning percentage of 64 with NRR of 0.284. CSK won the same number of matches, but their Net Run Rate was a little low than SRH.

PositionTeamMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Sunrisers Hyderabad14964.29500180.284
2Chennai Super Kings14964.29500180.253
3Kolkata Knight Riders14857.1460016-0.07
4Rajasthan Royals1475070014-0.25
5Mumbai Indians14642.86800120.317
6Royal Challengers Bangalore14642.86800120.129
7Punjab Kings14642.8680012-0.502
8Delhi Capitals14535.7190010-0.222
IPL 2018 Points Table

IPL 2017 Points Table

PositionTeamMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Mumbai Indians141071.43400200.784
2Rising Pune Supergiants14964.29500180.176
3Sunrisers Hyderabad14857.14501170.599
4Kolkata Knight Riders14857.14600160.641
5Punjab Kings1475070014-0.009
6Delhi Capitals14642.8680012-0.512
7Gujarat Lions14428.5710008-0.412
8Royal Challengers Bangalore14321.4310017-1.299
IPL 2017 Points Table

IPL 2016 Points Table

PositionTeamMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Gujarat Lions14964.2950018-0.374
2Royal Challengers Bangalore14857.14600160.932
3Sunrisers Hyderabad14857.14600160.245
4Kolkata Knight Riders14857.14600160.106
5Mumbai Indians1475070014-0.146
6Delhi Capitals1475070014-0.155
7Rising Pune Supergiants14535.71900100.015
8Punjab Kings14428.5710008-0.646
IPL 2016 Point Table

IPL 2015 Points Table

PositionTeamMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Chennai Super Kings14964.29500180.709
2Royal Challengers Bangalore14750502161.037
3Rajasthan Royals14750502160.062
4Mumbai Indians14857.1460016-0.043
5Kolkata Knight Riders14750601150.253
6Sunrisers Hyderabad1475070014-0.239
7Delhi Capitals14535.7180111-0.049
8Punjab Kings14321.4311006-1.436
IPL 2015 Points Table

IPL 2014 Points Table

PositionTeamMatchesWon Win %LostTitedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Punjab Kings141178.57300220.968
2Kolkata Knight Riders14964.29500180.418
3Chennai Super Kings14964.29500180.385
4Mumbai Indians14750700140.095
5Rajasthan Royals14750700140.06
6Sunrisers Hyderabad14642.8680012-0.399
7Royal Challengers Bangalore14535.7190010-0.428
8Delhi Capitals14214.2912004-1.182
IPL Points Table 2014

IPL Points Table 2013

PositionTeamMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/rPointsNet Run Rate
1Chennai Super Kings161168.75500220.53
2Mumbai Indians161168.75500220.441
3Rajasthan Royals161062.5600200.322
4Sunrisers Hyderabad161062.5600200.003
5Royal Challengers Bangalore16956.25700180.457
6Punjab Kings16850800160.226
7Kolkata Knight Riders16637.5100012-0.095
8Pune Warriors1642512008-1.006
9Delhi Capitals16318.7513006-0.848
IPL Points Table 2013

IPL Points Table 2012

PositionsTeamMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Delhi Capitals161168.75500220.617
2Kolkata Knight Riders161062.5501210.561
3Mumbai Indians161062.560020-0.1
4Chennai Super Kings16850701170.1
5Royal Challengers Bangalore1685070117-0.022
6Punjab Kings1685080016-0.216
7Rajasthan Royals16743.75900140.201
8Deccan Chargers1642511019-0.509
9Pune Warriors1642512008-0.551
IPL Points Table 2012

IPL Points Table 2011

PositionsTeamsMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Royal Challengers Bangalore14964.29401190.326
2Chennai Super Kings14964.29500180.443
3Mumbai Indians14964.29500180.04
4Kolkata Knight Riders14857.14600160.433
5Punjab Kings1475070014-0.051
6Rajasthan Royals14642.8670113-0.691
7Deccan Chargers14642.86800120.222
8Kochi Tuskers Kerala14642.8680012-0.214
9Pune Warriors14428.579019-0.134
10Delhi Capitals14428.579019-0.448
IPL Points Table 2011

IPL Points Table 2010

PositionsTeamMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Mumbai Indians141071.43400201.084
2Deccan Chargers14857.1460016-0.297
3Chennai Super Kings14750700140.268
4Royal Challengers Bangalore14750700140.224
5Delhi Capitals14750700140.021
6Kolkata Knight Riders1475070014-0.341
7Rajasthan Royals14642.8680012-0.514
8Punjab Kings14428.5710008-0.478
IPL Points Table 2010

IPL 2009 Points Table

PositionsTeamMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Delhi Capitals141071.43400200.311
2Chennai Super Kings14857.14501170.951
3Royal Challengers Bangalore14857.1460016-0.191
4Deccan Chargers14750700140.203
5Punjab Kings1475070014-0.483
6Rajasthan Royals14642.8670113-0.352
7Mumbai Indians14535.71801110.297
8Kolkata Knight Riders14321.4310017-0.789
IPL 2009 Points Table

IPL 2008 Points Tables

PositionsTeamMatchesWonWin %LostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Rajasthan Royals141178.57300220.632
2Punjab Kings141071.43400200.509
3Chennai Super Kings14857.1460016-0.192
4Delhi Capitals14750601150.342
5Mumbai Indians14750700140.57
6Kolkata Knight Riders14642.8670113-0.147
7Royal Challengers Bangalore14428.5710008-1.16
8Deccan Chargers14214.2912004-0.467
IPL 2008 Points Table
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