Top 10 Crickters List10 Reasons Why Virat Kohli is so Famous?

10 Reasons Why Virat Kohli is so Famous?

One name stands out above all the others in the World of cricket: Virat Kohli, the former Indian cricket captain. He is a modern day batter and proved himself as one of the greatest Indian captains of all time.

But why Virat Kohli is so famous? What separates him in the cricket world? What makes him different from the rest of the cricket world? How did he become one of the most successful cricketers of the current era? Will Kohil retire as a famous cricketer of the World?

Virat Kohli is famous for his cover drive, centuries, captaincy, aggression and commitment for the game, good loooks, and many other reasons.

Now, we will explore the the factors of Kohli’s life that contributed to his fame. We will also look into the precise time when he climbed to fame as an Indian cricketer.

The Ideal

Virat Kohli is a role model and ideal for Indian youth, especially those who are enthusiastic cricket fans. Why is he a role model and ideal for Indian youth? The reason is quite simple. His style, commitment, work ethic, and dedication set him apart from the rest of the current cricketers. These qualities make him think of young cricketers from various nations, not just India.

virat Kohli style

Successful Test Captain

Virat Kohli was a highly successful test captain for India. His Test captaincy win percentage of 58 is one of India’s best in test cricket. As a test batting captain, he had the highest batting average of 54 among all batters. Here are a few more captaincy records that place him among the best in Indian cricket history. 

Virat Kohli’s Test Captaincy RecordsTeam Inida occupied number 01 test ranking for 42 months from 2016 to 2020.
Only Captain to have most test wins (16) with 200 + runs margin.
Only Asian Captian to have most test wins (40).
Only Captain to score 07 double centuries in Test cricket.
Top Individual scores as a captain belong to Kohli ( 254*, 243 and 235).
Most Test Centuries as a Captain (2010-2020)
First ever Test series win by Indian captain in Australia.

Passion for the Game

Virat Kohli is extremely enthusiastic and passionate about every aspect of cricket, not just batting. He is such a unique player who likes to communicate with everyone on the field. His emotional displays and aggressive attitude on the field occasionally strengthen his team bond. He contributes actively to team debates and on-field activities. Additionally, he actively gives leaders and bowlers advice to help his team in winning games.

why virat Kohli is famous

Batting Records

Virat Kohli holds the top spot across multiple records. For those who love cricket, hearing about Virat Kohli setting or breaking records has become routine. Being a part of news stories about cricket records being broken or set is one of the main factors in Virat Kohli’s fame. He is gradually breaking every record set by former cricket legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Viv Richards, and Sunil Gavaskar. Here are some of his top-class famous records.

Records (Ranked # 1)Fastest to 3000 Runs in T20I
Fastest to 3500 Runs in T20I
Most Player of the Match Awards in T20I
Most Player of the Series Awards in T20I
Most 100s against one team in ODI cricket
Fastest to 8000, 9000, 10000, 11000, 12000, 13000 Runs in ODI cricket

Awards & Achivements

Any player’s next stage of fame is receiving national and international awards after consistently setting and breaking records. This list also includes Virat Kohli, who has won numerous domestic and international cricket awards. Here are some of the most famous awards held by Virat Kohli.

Kohli Awards and Achivement ListPadma shiri Award (2017)
Arjuna Award for Cricket (2013)
Wisden Cricketer of the Year (2019)
CNN-IBN Indian of the Year (2017)
ICC Men’s ODI Cricketer of the Year (2012)
Khel Ratna Award (2018)
Sir Garfield Sober’s Trophy (2018)
Wisden Leading Cricketer in World (2017, 2018)
People’s Choice Award India for Favorite Sports (2012)

Consistency & Talent

Every cricketer and athlete experiences ups and downs in their level of fame. Their level of fame is entirely based on the cricketer’s level of performance. Sometimes they perform incredibly well, which raises their fame, while other times they perform poorly, which lowers fame.

But Virat Kohli’s fame is an exceptional example due to consistency and talent. He showed consistent performance in his career to lift Indian cricket. Virat Kohli scored three consecutive centuries in ODI in 2018. Consistency always comes with focus and Virat Kohli has shown that focus in his career.

Virat Kohli’s Consistent PerformancesBack to Back ODI 100s in 2018

Following on Social Media

Virat Kohli is well-known for his popularity in the mainstream media, but he also has a large social media following across all platforms. He is the highest followed athlete cricketer on Instagram with 259 million following and the main reason behid RCB following on Social Media.

Through his social media, he actively participates in social awareness programs. He never disclosed how much money he made on social media, but some apps predicted it to be in the millions of dollars. On some platforms, he beats the biggest athletes of the world in terms of following. Virat Kohli’s Socail Media following in numbers is as follows.

Facebook51 Million
Instagram259 Million
(X) Twitter58 Million
Virat Kohli fan following on Instagram,Facebook, X

Charity Work

What would you do if you had a million dollars in your bank account and many more millions were coming in a short period of time? Majority of you will answer about charity and Virat Kohli is doing the same. Along with his philanthropic wife Anushka Sharma, he actively takes part in charitable work. They have made donations to a range of good causes, such as education, healthcare, and disaster relief.

Healthy Lifestyle & Fitness

Kohli was a careless, overweight man in the beginning of his career who did not think about his lifestyle or fitness. Later, though, things changed, and Kohli began to take his lifestyle and fitness more seriously. Because of his commitment to fitness and healthy living, Kohli is well known, and he has contributed to raising fitness awareness in India.

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Off the field, Kohli has established himself as a popular brand ambassador and obtained a number of endorsement contracts with notable businesses. His accessibility and appeal to businesses helped in his climb to fame.

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