Top 10 Crickters ListBest Inswing, and Reverse Swing Bowlers in Cricket History

Best Inswing, and Reverse Swing Bowlers in Cricket History

Cricket is a gentleman’s game; it has produced numerous extraordinary bowlers throughout its illustrious history. Fans consistently admire swing bowlers because of their ability to generate movement in the air. Let’s explore the top 10 best swing bowlers in the history of cricket.

Swing bowling is a technique in cricket in which the bowler passes on the ball in the air to deviate from its regular path. Swing bowling becomes difficult for the batsman to judge accurately the path, line, and length of the ball. Swing bowlers manipulate the flow of the ball using a combination of grip, release, and seam position. This uncertainty can confuse batsmen to judge the ball and result in mistimed shots and edges. Bowler gives shine to one side of the ball and keeps the other side rough to create an imbalance that ultimately results in the ball moving in the direction of the rough side.

This could be difficult to predict the direction of the swing, and ultimately, it becomes a challenge for batsmen to make a confident shot. Swing bowlers use this uncertainty as their advantage and inducing false strokes, or even getting the prized wicket of the batsman.

Top 10 Best Swing Fast Bowlers in Cricket

1. Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram is known as the “Sultan of Swing”, a left-arm swing bowler who is widely regarded as one of the greatest swing bowlers. He possesses the ability to swing the ball at a speedy troubled pace batsmen around the world. Akram has killer yorkers and ambiguous variations, which made him a nightmare for opposing batsmen. 

best swing bowler Waseem akram
photo credit: cricinfo

His unique quality of smooth bowling, exceptional control, and adaptability to different conditions make him stand out among his peers. He carries an impressive record of being one of the highest wicket-takers in odi, and Test wickets. 

2. James Anderson

The swing-bowling maestro James Anderson from England is widely regarded as one of the greatest swing bowlers in the history of cricket. Anderson has left a lasting impact on the game by proving himself best in his ability to move the ball in the air.

James is also known for his elegant and smooth actions. His master skills over control, variations in pace, and seam position allow him to defeat batsmen consistently. Anderson handles the challenges of late movement deliveries with the ball, often at high speeds.

best English fast bowler
photo credit: wikipedia

Throughout their career, Anderson has showcased his swing bowling prowess on a variety of pitches and in different conditions. His exceptional records and remarkable performances highlight his effectiveness as a swing bowler. James makes his place as a legendary figure in the history of the sport, as a true artist of swing bowling, and inspired countless aspiring bowlers worldwide.

3. Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis, the swing bowling maestro of Pakistan, formed a formidable partnership with Wasim Akram. His swing bowling made him a curse for batsmen all over the world. Waqar creates incredible speed while swinging the ball and leaving batsmen struggling to cope with his deliveries.

best reverse swing bowler
photo credit: pcb

He is also known for his reverse swing, moving the ball late in the air and off the pitch. Waqar formed an impeccable partnership with Wasim Akram that gave him a chance to learn tactics from him and the team resulting in havoc on the opposition’s batting lineups. Waqar Younis showcased his extraordinary talent of swing bowling ability and reserved his solidified place among the all-time greats of the game.

4. Richard Hadlee

Richard Hadlee, a cricketing legend from New Zealand, is widely regarded due to his smooth action and impeccable control of swing bowling. His incredible skill of swinging the ball late makes it a challenge for batsmen to pick the line and length accurately. He possessed a God-gifted quality for altering movement from the air, often surprising and deceiving even the most skilled batsmen.

Richard hadlee
photo credit: twitter

Hadlee shape away bowling from right-handed batsmen at a sharp angle that provides evidence in his late out-swingers. Richard’s contributions to the technique of swing bowling will forever be remembered and revered in cricket history.

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5. Glenn McGrath

Glenn McGrath was known for his remarkable accuracy and proficiency in swing bowling. Despite being primarily recognized as a master of seam and line, McGrath had a significant influence on his swing-balling ability.

Glenn McGrath best Australian fast bowler
photo credit: cricinfo

McGrath possessed a smooth and repeatable bowling action to generate a substantial swing even on unresponsive pitches that makes him one of the highest wickets takers across all formats. One of McGrath’s most regarded skills was his knack for late swings. His ability to deviate the ball in the air just before reaching the batsman made him a consistent threat in all conditions.

McGrath’s ability to swing the ball away from right-handed batsmen and into left-handers makes him stand out. He showcased the true art of swing bowling, demonstrating that precision, timing, and skill could outfox even the best batsmen in the world.

6. Imran Khan

Imran Khan, the iconic all-rounder and swing bowler. He was a swing bowler and a shrewd captain at the time. His ability to deliver late swing and handle moments in the air was most fascinating. Khan was an astute leader and a swing bowler who played a crucial role in the success of Pakistan cricket during his tenure.

best captain bowler
photo credit: cricinfo

Imran Khan is regarded as a player with remarkable skills and versatility. His impeccable accuracy made him an exceptional swing bowler. He had a smooth run-up, fast bowling, and an excellent wrist position, allowing him to extract a late swing. His deliveries often left top batsmen struggling to read his subtle variations.

7. Courtney Walsh

Courtney Walsh has excellent swing bowling skills, known for his harsh and ambiguous swing. Walsh could extract movement of swing even from plane pitches. His height and smooth action with powerful effects make him a feared bowler in his prime.

dangerous fast bowler
photo credit:

Walsh was born on October 30, 1962, in Jamaica and had a noble career of a long span of 17 years. Walsh makes the ball move both ways in the air with his remarkable control and skilful manipulation of the ball.

He achieved numerous milestones throughout his career, including becoming the first bowler to reach 500 Test wickets. He contributed to the West Indies cricket team and left an indelible mark on the sport with his swing bowling.

8. Michael Holding

Michael Holding known as “Whispering Death,” is acknowledged as one of the greatest swing bowlers in cricket history. Holding was an impressive sight to witness on the cricket pitch, with a smooth run-up, smooth movement, and the ability to generate major power.

photo credit: cricinfo

He was able to swing the ball late, at high speeds, with remarkable control. Holding’s swing bowling talent was showcased during his famous “Whispering Death” session against England at the Oval in 1976. He destroyed England’s batting lineup.

9. Bhuvneshwar Kumar 

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is famous for his proficiency as a swing bowler. He has the ability to generate significant movement in the air with the ball. Kumar’s talent for swinging the ball makes him a key member of the Indian cricket team.

best Indian reverse swing bowler
photo credit: thestateman

 His understanding of swing bowling has enabled him to challenge batsmen and take important wickets. Kumar’s abilities as a swing bowler have gained him praise and respect among cricket fans.

10. Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn was the greatest example of swing bowling mastery in cricket history. Steyn delivers extremely quick shots mixed with swing perfection that confuses players. Steyn’s smooth bowling motion allows him to control the ball’s air route that, trouble even the most experienced batsman. Steyn weaves the ball skillfully through the air and twists it with unbelievable elegance.

Dale steyn
photo credit: cricinfo

Top 5 Inswing Bowlers in India and Pakistan

Following are the five best inswing bowlers from India and Pakistan:

  1. Wasim Akram: Wasim Akram is one of the greatest left-arm bowlers of all time. He possesses an unwinding inswing delivery that troubles batters all over the world.
  2. Kapil Dev: Kapil Dev was known for his skills in creating inswings with the new ball. He has the best swinging and out-swinging ball deliveries, which have brought him many wickets.
  3. Waqar Younis: Waqar Younis is known for his ball swing technique at high speed. He was lethal in reverse swing deliveries and especially proficient in generating late inswing.
  4. Irfan Pathan: Irfan had the god-gifted ability of left-arm swing bowling from India. He was particularly effective in inswinging deliveries in his early career. Pathan played a crucial role in India’s success during the mid-2000s.
  5. Mohammed Amir: M. Amir significantly impacted cricket with his inswing bowling during his on-field time. He could move the ball both ways and was particularly dangerous for right-handed batsmen.

The Best Reverse Swing Bowlers in India and Pakistan

Here are five of the best reverse swing bowlers from India and Pakistan:

  1. Wasim Akram: Wasim Akram was an all-in-one master of the inswing and reverse swing. He could limit the ball’s movement sharply in the air, even in the later stages of an inning.
  2. Zaheer Khan: Zaheer was a talented left-arm fast bowler who proved himself in reverse swing. He played a crucial role in India’s success during his career.
  3. Shoaib Akhtar: Shoaib Akhtar is popularly known as the “Rawalpindi Express”, having a reverse swing.
  4. Mohammad Asif: Asif was a master of reverse swing. He applies exceptional tactics to control the ball and move late in the air. 
  5. Jasprit Bumrah: Bumrah is an Indian fast bowler with exceptional ability to generate reverse swing. His unusual action and accuracy make him an awesome force in cricket.


Swing bowlers generate movement in the air, which delights the components of cricket. Throughout the history of cricket, these extraordinary bowlers have showcased their skills, leaving a lasting impression on the discipline of cricket. Swing bowlers have captivated cricket fans all across the world, from Wasim Akram’s grace to James Anderson’s longevity. Their ability to overcome batters with swing mastery is an acknowledgment of the game’s beauty and complexity.

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