Player RecordsVirat Kohli Diet Routine, Plan, and Fitness

Virat Kohli Diet Routine, Plan, and Fitness

The well-known Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli is praised for his dedication to fitness, good diet, and excellent on-field abilities. When it comes to his diet plan, Virat Kohli displays determination and self-discipline. But when Kohli began playing cricket, things were different. He was known to be an overweight guy that never looked at his fitness. But he changed his eating habits to show positive results to his followers. This is one of the reasons behind his successful batting career and making his space in the top 10 best fielders in Cricket history. Someone said it quite well:

“Exercise is king, nutrition is Queen, put them together, and you’ve got a kingdom.” 

Certainly, Virat Kohli follows the advice in the above phrase and has repeatedly revealed his secret diet plan.

In the past, cricket players weren’t as concerned with their diets and meals as they are now. One of the main causes of this development is the observation that legendary cricket players follow a set diet and exercise routine. In Indian cricket, Sachin Tendulkar set a high standard by keeping a strict work ethics code, and now Virat Kohli is maintaining that tradition. It has caused a revolution in young cricketers’ attitudes toward healthy habits and ethics.

Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, and many others are further examples of players who follow Kohli’s fitness standards.

Type of Food That Virat Kohli Loves

Virat Kohli likes eating simple foods that are higher in value and nutrition. He uses a Quasi-Vegetarian diet for his health and avoids processed and junk food. He loves drinking a lot of water. His favorite food groups are as follows:

Why Virat Kohli Became Vegan?

Virat Kohli was not vegetarian from the start. In fact, he loves to eat meat, but he has to change his diet routine due to some health issues. In an interview, he told the reason why he became vegan.

01Whole Food
02Complex Carbohydrates
03Healthy Fats
04Less Sugary Food and Processed Fats
05Evian Water (Drink)
Types of Food Virat Kohli Love

”It was connected to a health issue. In 2018 I was playing in South Africa and got an issue with my neck. My cervical spine had a couple of bulges coming out. They were hitting a nerve that went down my arm, and I was getting really bad pain and could not even sleep for 10 minutes in one position. The doctor told me that my stomach became so acidic that the calcium from my bones was pulled out to make my stomach alkaline, which was directly connected to the amount of meat I ate. So he told me I have to change my diet.”

Virat Kohli Diet Plan

We will now take a closer look at Virat Kohli’s diet plan, which kept him in shape and active for the game.

virat kohli diet routine

Home Cooked Food

Virat Kohli eats food that is readily available at home. He preferred eating fresh food cooked at home. He strictly avoids food that is cooked outside his home. His main strategy is to eat only fresh foods, and that is it.

Avoid Junk Food

Virat Kohli strictly avoids junk and fatty foods and tries to eat different alternatives. He prefers eating homemade banana or kale chips rather than potato-fried chips. Due to this, he can control his calorie intake, and irrational food urges.

Protein Food

Virat Kohli prefers eating protein food. How to build muscle is a crucial ability for any athlete. Virat Kohli eats foods high in protein to build muscle. His main source of protein is the Vegetarian diet. He avoids meat as a source of protein. Dal, spinach, and protein bars are his top three choices for eating foods high in protein.

Fresh Vegetable

Virat Kohli eats fresh vegetables grown in his farmhouse. His farmhouse grows all types of Vegetables. He consumes those vegetables to fulfil his mineral and vitamins portion. In addition, his fresh vegetables help maintain an oxidant balance in the diet. He consumes healthy salad and sprouts for carbohydrates.


Virat Kohli doesn’t drink tea or chai in India. He loves coffee and takes 2 to 3 cups of coffee every day. His favorite coffee types are Cappuccino, Mocha, and Americano. He avoids sugar in coffee and other drinks, and added sugar is a big no for him in drinks. He likes to go to Starbucks, his favorite coffee brand in India.


Any athlete who wants to stay active and fit must stay hydrated. Virat Kohli follows this example and drinks 8 to 10 litres of Evian water every day to meet his water and fitness needs. It is one of the most expensive water brands in the world. 

Cold Drinks

Virat Kohli avoids cold drinks and soda water. He solely supported the energy drink Ocean Energy. He never provided an endorsement for the popular soda companies Pepsi and Coca-Cola. He claims that they are unhealthy and can damage young people’s health.


Virat Kohli avoids eating fruits with a lot of sugar. His favourite fruits are Papya, Dragon fruit, and Watermelons. Kohli loves to eat a portion of fruits rather than a large piece of fruit. In this manner, he equalizes the number of calories from each diet from each serving of fruit. 

Sea Food

Virat Kohli enjoys seafood a lot. He chose seafood for the majority of the weekday meals. One of the healthiest foods in the world is considered to be seafood. Virat Kohli frequently eats this food.

Fresh Juice

Virat Kohli does not drink artificial juice; instead, he drinks fresh fruit juice. Because of their added sugar, artificial juices are not considered to be healthy. Therefore, Virat Kohli prefers fresh fruit juice to avoid added artificial sugar. His favorite fruit Juice is Orange.

Virat Kohli Diet Routine

Now, We will know about Virat Kohli’s meal routine.

virat kohli diet plan



Virat Kohli’s breakfast is very simple, including fruits, Vegetables, and Eggs. His healthy breakfast includes these things in portions.

Black Pepper
Grilled Bacon
Smoked Salmon
Mashed Potato
Virat Kohli Break Fast


Virat Kohli’s vegan lunch includes. His lunch basically comprised veggies, like an egg sandwich, a Protine salad, and a vegetable sandwich. This helps in his keeping a balanced diet.

Egg Sandwich
Summer Roll
Russian Salad
Protein Salad
Lentil Vegetable Soup
Vegetable Sandwich
Virat Kohli Lunch


There are healthier items at Virat Kohli’s dinner meal. He loves to eat sea food, moong daal, and Palak Paneer in Dinner. They are listed here in the table given below.

Low Fat Butter Chicken
Moong Dal
Dal Tadka With no Oil
Palak Paneer
Virat Kohli Dinner
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