Top 10 Crickters ListTop 10 Best Game Changer Fielders in Cricket – Jonty to Kohli

Top 10 Best Game Changer Fielders in Cricket – Jonty to Kohli

Cricket is a sport that consists of three primary pillars: batting, bowling, and fielding. Every cricket fan talks about the first two pillars, but fielding is recognized as the most underrated. In reality, fielding contributes equally to the game with batting and bowling. A six from a batter can change the direction of the game, similarly a unique catch from the best fielder can change the direction of the match. Fielding is an important component of modern-day cricket, and this is not a myth. 

Fielding was not considered a key pillar of cricket prior to the twentieth century. As a result, there were few players who could field as well as they could bowl. This had a negative impact on cricket because there were only a few players who could be looked ahead to in the future. For example, Don Bradman was a legend who inspired many youngsters to follow him. He was a batsman and many new legends were born who followed his batting style. Similalry, Cricket’s genuine legends in fielding emerged after the 1970s. 
The first real examples of fielding legends were Colin Bland and Jhonty Rhodes. They were liked by millions of cricket fans all across the world. They were pioneers of outstanding fielding skills ,especially Jhonty Rhodes who laid the foundation of modern cricket fielding. After their foundation, players start to take fielding as a serious part of the cricket game. Arrival of T20 cricket also contributed alot for taking fielding as a serious hobby. 


 In this article, we discuss a thrilling journey to discover the top 10 best fielders in cricket history, individuals who have proven their names in the game’s history with extraordinary skill, reflexes, and a touch of magic. Get ready to be captivated as we explore their fascinating performances and their impact on the game!

Jonty Rhodes – The Pioneering Stuntman

Jonty Rhodes is the best fielder in Cricket History. He is renowned for his amazing catches and breaths, taking run-outs. Rhodes has redefined the art of fielding. His unwavering commitment and exceptional athleticism set a standard that inspires generations of fielders worldwide. Below Table shows his fielding Stats in all formats

PlayerTeamMatchesCatchesMax Dismissal in InningsDismissal Per InningSpan
Jonty RhodesSA2971395 (5ct 0st)0.4111992-2003
Jonty Rohdes Fielding Stats

Ricky Ponting – The Master Strategist

Ricky Ponting is an Australian genius captain; he can anticipate the opposition’s moves and position himself accordingly. His pro-fast reflexes and flawless catching skills made him a challenging fielder. Whether positioned in the labels or creeping the infield, Ponting was a master strategist who knew how to turn the tide in his team’s favor.

PlayerTeamMatchesCatchesMax Dismissal in InningsDismissal Per InningSpan
Ricky PontingAUS5603643 (3ct 0st)0.5071995-2012
Ricky Ponting Fielding Stas

Herschelle Gibbs – The One-Man Show

Herschelle Gibbs, the trendsetter South African, was a show-stopper in the field. With his fearless catches and presence, he brought a factor of entertainment to the game. Gibbs was an electric person, capable of turning the simplest of chances into miraculous dismissals, leaving spectators in awe of his natural talent.

PlayerTeamMatchesCatchesMax Dismissal in InningsDismissal Per InningSpan
H GibbsSA3612104 (4ct 0st)0.4751996-2010
Herschelle Gibbs Fielding Stats

AB de Villiers – The Superhuman

AB de Villiers often called Mr. 360, is interchangeable with versatility and innovation. While he is recognized for his extraordinary batting skills, de Villiers’ fielding has been equally instrumental in his success. His ability to tug catches out of thin air and unleash quick run-outs is nothing short of superhuman.

PlayerTeamMatchesCatchesMax Dismissal in InningsDismissal Per InningSpan
AB de VilliersSA4204636 (6ct 0st)0.9262004-2018
AB de Villiers Fielding Stats

Andrew Symonds – The Beast

When it comes to raw power and aggression on the field, few can match the harsh presence of Australia’s Andrew Symonds. Standing tall in the outfield, Symonds possessed a fearful arm and an unwavering determination to deny batsmen those crucial extra runs. His strict approach made him a formidable opponent and a game-changer for his team.

PlayerTeamMatchesCatchesMax Dismissal in InningsDismissal Per InningSpan
Andrew SymondsAUS2381074 (4ct 0st)0.4081998-2009
Andres Symond Fieldin Stats

Paul Collingwood – The Glue

Paul Collingwood was the ideal of consistency and reliability in the field. With his flawless technique and safe pair of hands, Collingwood seldom let his team down. His ability to hold onto the most challenging catches and perform under pressure made him the glue that held England’s fielding unit together.

PlayerTeamMatchesCatchesMax Dismissal in InningsDismissal Per InningSpan
Paul CollingwoodENG3012194 (4ct 0st)0.6132001-2017
Paul Colling Wood Fielding Stats

Eoin Morgan – The Innovator

Eoin Morgan, the inspirational leader of England’s white-ball revolution, has left a permanent mark on the game, not just as a captain but also as an outstanding fielder. Eion is Known for his unconventional yet effective fielding positions, Morgan’s strategic brilliance often caught opponents off guard. His elegant movements and astute decision-making make him a standout.

PlayerTeamMatchesCatchesMax Dismissal in InningsDismissal Per InningSpan
Eion MorganENG3791443 (3ct 0st)0.3712006-2022
Eoin Morgan Fielding Stats

Ravindra Jadeja – The All-Round achiever

In modern cricket, Ravindra Jadeja stands tall as a true all-round dynamo. He possesses incredible skills with bat and ball, and his fielding prowess is inspiring. Whether positioned at end, cover, or mid-wicket, Jadeja’s fast reflexes, rocket arm, and bullet-like throws have earned him standing as one of the best fielders in India.

PlayerTeamMatchesCatchesMax Dismissal in InningsDismissal Per InningSpan
Ravindra JadejaIND3021293 (3ct 0st)0.3572009-2023
Ravindra Jadeja Fielding Stats

Virat Kohli – The Agile Wonder

No list of top fielders in cricket history would be complete without including Virat Kohli, the Indian run machine and elegant wonder. Kohli’s dedication to fitness and excellence extends beyond his batting exploits. His lightning-fast reactions, exceptional uncertainty, and quick movements make him a force to put figures on the field.

PlayerTeamMatchesCatchesMax Dismissal in InningsDismissal Per InningSpan
Virat KohliIND4973003 (3ct 0st)0.5052008-2023
Virat Kohli Fields Stats

Kohli’s versatility in the field is obvious as he seamlessly transitions between various positions in the slips, covers, or mid-on. His athleticism is showcased through his stunning catches, accurate throws, and the ability to save vital runs with his agile fielding. Whether diving full stretch or diving in like a panther, Kohli’s fielding skills are evidence of his commitment and competitive spirit.

Colin Bland – The Pioneer of Excellence

Colin Bland, a name that may not resonate with the current generation, was a pioneer in the art of fielding excellence and know as the forefather of fielders. In an era where fielding was often neglected, Bland’s exceptional skills and commitment to athleticism set him apart. His breathtaking catches and incredible speed revolutionized the game and inspired future generations to prioritize fielding as an integral aspect of cricket.

PlayerTeamMatchesCatchesMax Dismissal in InningsDismissal Per InningSpan
Colin BlandSA21102 (2ct 0st)0.251961-1966
Colin Bland Fielding Stats


Concluding, we have witnessed the mesmerizing displays of agility, reflexes, and sheer brilliance that these individuals brought to the game. Their contributions changed from a mere supporting act to a game-changing factor. These fielding maestros have shown us that a single catch, a run-out, or a spectacular diving effort can sway the course of a match and become the stuff of legends. The artistry of fielding will continue to evolve, and new names will undoubtedly grace this list, but the impact of these top 10 fielders in cricket history will forever remain etched in our hearts.

Cricket is not just about the bat and the ball; it is a symphony of skills, and fielding is one of its most captivating movements. So, the next time you watch a cricket match, keep an eye on those incredible fielders who push the boundaries of what seems humanly possible.

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