Player RecordsVirat Kohli The Chasing Master in Cricket

Virat Kohli The Chasing Master in Cricket

In cricket, chasing a high target is one of the most challenging tasks a team can face. Most teams lose because their batters are unable to withstand the chasing pressure. However, things have changed significantly since Virat Kohli joined India’s cricket team. He assisted his team in chasing down some of the biggest targets across all formats, which helped India win. This was the reason fans began calling him the cricket chase master. Hence, Virat Kohli is the chase master of cricket for India. He is also known as the Goat of cricket.
Virat Kohli has helped team India win 60 percent of matches in which India went for batting second in an inning. He is not only a chase master but also a winning master with stylish, aggressive batting that only a few batters showed in the past. One of his best qualities that his fans appreciate the most is his consistency and ability to manage the pace of the game when chasing a target.

Why Virat Kohli is Called the Chase Master?

  • Virat Kohli is called chase master because he has one of the best-chasing batting averages across all formats. 
  • Every time Team India was required to bat second in a match, Virat Kohli was the one who took the initiative in the second innings of the game. 
  • His batting average in a run chase across all formats is 64, the highest in World Cricket. No other batsmen stand close to this batting average while in a chase.

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Here is the some of the Top batting chasing averages in all formats with more than 100 matches played:

virat kohli has the highest batting average in run chase

We can see that Virat is at the top of the list with an outstanding chasing average. This is the reason he is called a chase master.

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Virat Kohli Chase Record (Overall)

In all formats combined Virat Kohli chasing stats are as follows. In total, Virat Kohli hit 42 centuries with a batting average of 64 when India went for batting in the second innings of the game.

MatchesInnsRunsAvg.100s50’sH/SNot Out
Virat Kohli Chase Record

Virat Kohli Chase Record in ODI

He showed aggression every time India fielded first and went for the chase in the second innings of an ODI. Therefore, he is also called Chase master of ODI cricket. His chasing stats while batting second in ODI innings is as follows;

ODIsInnsRunsAvg.100s50sHigh ScoreNot Out
Virat Kohli Runs in a Chase in ODI

His chasing average, not just against inferior teams but also against powerful teams like Australia, is one of the best parts about his chasing power.

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Virat Kohli chase master

This indicates he is a dangerous player for top-ranked nations and weaker teams. One of Kohli’s best performances came during ICC Champions Trophies events, where he averaged 124.

Successful Runs Chase by Virat Kohli for India in ODI

Virat Kohli helped India in winning 93 matches with an outstanding chasing batting average of 90. This is the highest batting average for any batter who helped his team win the ODI match when he batted in the second innings. Not only as a player but also as captain, he has chases records. This shows his incredible stamina to perform in pressure situations.

Matches WonRunsAvg100s50sHigh Score
Successful Runs Chase in ODI by Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli T20I Chase Master

Virat recently led India to one of their most famous victories in the T20 World Cup 2022 over Pakistan by aggressively chasing the total. He did this in a similar way before; this was not the only inning he batted that way. Here is his chasing average when he batted second in an inning of T20I.

MatchesInnsRunsAvg100s50sH/SNot Out
Virat Kohli T20 Chase Master

Successful Run Chase by Virat Kohli in T20I

Tema India won 76 percent of matches when Virat Kohli batted in the second innings of T20I matches. As a chase master, this shows his ability to develop strong momentum and stage set for other players to chase the target.

Matches WonInnsRunsAvg.100s50sHigh ScoreNot Out
Successful Run Chase by Virat Kohli in T20I

Virat Kohli Chasing Centuries List

Virat Kohli scored 42 centuries when chasing a total. He scored his first run-chase hundred against Sri Lanka in 2009, which helped India win the game by seven wickets. His 183 against Pakistan in the Asia cup is one the most famous run chase century.

He scored his last chasing century in 2019 against Bangladesh in a Test match.

10711493.85111Sri LankaODIEden Gardens2009
11712395.12140West IndiesODIVisakhapatnam2011
13386154.65162Sri LankaODIHobart2012
128119107.56121Sri LankaODIColombo (RPS)2012
10319353.36141New ZealandTestBengaluru2012
123111110.81112New ZealandODINapier2014
10513577.77151New ZealandTestWellington2014
139126110.31123Sri LankaODIRanchi2014
10319153.92110Sri LankaTestGalle2015
154134114.92161New ZealandODIMohali2016
11111596.52122West IndiesODIKingston2017
11011694.8290Sri LankaODIColombo (RPS)2017
21326779.77172Sri LankaTestNagpur2017
15321770.5150South AfricaTestCenturion2018
11211994.11100South AfricaODIDurban2018
12996134.37192South AfricaODICenturion2018
140107130.84212West IndiesODIGuwahati2018
10711989.91101West IndiesODIPune2018
11499115.15140West IndiesODIPort of Spain2019
13619470.1180BangladeshTestEden Gardens2019
Virat Kohli Chasing Centuries


How Many Matches did India win When Virat Kohli Chase?

In all formats, team India won 148 matches when Virat Kohli batted in the second innings to chase the target. In all those successful chases, his total average was 84.

What is the Highest Runs Chase by Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli’s highest run chase in ODI is against Pakistan in Asia Cup. He scores 183 runs while chasing a total of 330.

Who Scored Most Runs in Chasing?

Sachin Tendulkar scored the most runs in Chasing. In 347 matches he scored 16047 runs with a batting average of 45.

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