Player RecordsWhy Babar Azam is called Zimbabar & Minnow Basher?

Why Babar Azam is called Zimbabar & Minnow Basher?

Babar’s extraordinary talent in his field of cricket has earned him the titles “King of Cricket” and “King of Pakistani Cricket” among many Pakistani fans. Buy things are quite the opposite on the other side of the border in India. Most Indian fans know Babar as ”Zimbabar” and the “minnow basher.” Giving Babar such titles serves in part to express frustration with Babar’s overall batting performance.
Because of his outstanding performance against Zimbabwe, Babar Azam is given the name as Zimbabar. The vast majority of Indian fans think Babar Azam only performs against weak teams like Zimbabwe in all formats of cricket.
There is only one thing that appears on social media and the internet whenever Babar scores a century or fifty against Zimbabwe, and that is Zimbaber. In order to solve this mystery, we will have a deep analysis of calling Babar as Zimbabar.

Babar Azam Batting Records Against Zimababwe

Babar Azam has played 18 matches against Zimbabwe across all formats. He succeeded in scoring 693 runs with a batting average of 57, two centuries and five fifties.

In Test cricket, Babar scored 02 runs in 02 Test matches against Zimbabwe with no fifty and no century. In ODI and T20I cricket, Babar Azam has a good record against Zimbabwe, but in Test cricket, his performance is below average against them.

Babar vs ZimbabweMatchesRunsAvg.SRHS100s50s
Test 020201220200
Test+ODI+T20I (All Formats)18693571061250205
Babar Azam Batting Stats vs Zimbabwe

Fact Check: Is Babar Azam truly a Zimababer?

On the basis of Babar’s stats, Zimbabar is not truly a Zimbaber. In fact, Babar has scored most of the runs and Centuries against New Zealand, England, and Australia. We have covered a complete article on Babar Azam’s Centuries against all opponents.

Babar is a modern-day legend. Former cricketers such as Nasser Hussain, Ricky Ponting, AB de Villiers, and others have praised him. At the same time, the King of Indian Cricket, Virat Kohli, has similar thoughts about Babar.

Is it suitable for people to refer to Babar as Zimbabar?

Zimbabar is actually an insulting title that is used to shame Babar Azam in India. It is a hurting title for Pakistani fans. They love Babar and value each performance he performed for Pakistan; they are Babar’s genuine supporters.

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Why is Babar Azam called Minnow Basher?

Sometimes, Babar Azam is called a “Minnow Basher.” Cricket players are referred to as “minnow bashers” when they perform well against weaker teams and poorly against strong teams. But in the case of Babar, this term is used based on his performance in major events.
Is it logical to refer to Babar Azam as “Minnow Basher”? We will see his stats in major ICC events.

Babar in Big EventsMatchesNORunsAvg.SRHS100s50s
Men’s ODI WC08014746787101*0103
Men’s T20 WC13014273511470005
ICC World Test Championship2604253560571960815
ICC Champions Trophy050213344744600
Men’s T20 Asia Cup060681110710000
Men’s ODI Asia Cup100363401151510101
Babar Azam Stats in ICC Tournaments

From the above stats, Babar Azam is not a Minnow Basher. He has performed really well with the bat in every cricket trophy. His batting average is more than 30 in all big trophies except Men’s T20 Aisa Cup, where his average is below 30. Since he has performed really well in the majority of ICC Trophies, calling him Minnow Basher is not logical.

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