Player RecordsWho is Called Hitman in Cricket? Who Gave This Title

Who is Called Hitman in Cricket? Who Gave This Title

A Hitman in cricket has a bank of all types of shots that can change the game’s scenario. Whether it’s a drive down the straight or Cover area or a pull shot via the leg side or mid-wicket, each shot is played perfectly to hit the ideal destination. Combined with these shots, there is another important thing that decides who is the real hitman of cricket: hitting these shots with perfection, even in a pressure situation.

A true hitman who rules cricket is not limited to only one format. He can hit shots in every format to change the situation of the game. T20 and ODI formats are important for any batsman, but Test cricket is also considered important for a hitman batter. So, even in longer formats, the hitman’s game role is always considered very valuable.

In modern-day cricket, match result is totally dependent on the power hitters because he has different roles. If he comes to bat as an opener, his main role is to set the stage for the biggest target for the opposition. If he comes to bat in the middle, his main role lies around hitting big shots to score as many runs as possible with the bat. Similarly, If he comes from a lower batting order, his main role is to finish big in the chase or set a target.

The question now is what kind of impact a hitman has on his fans. You will be surprised to know that he has a positive impact on his fans. Since he is always ready to perform in difficult conditions, his aggression changes the momentum of the match. Moreover, he inspires new generations to follow in his footsteps for the betterment of cricket. No matter what, his role will always matter in any cricket match.

Who is called the “Hitman” of Cricket?

Rohit Sharma is known as the Hitman of cricket. Why is Rohit called hitman? The reason we all know his powerful shot ability. Rohit is not only a hitman of India but also a hitman of world cricket.

One of the main reasons fans nickname him the “hitman” is his ability to change the game’s scenario at any moment. His pull shots have been one of his most useful assets since joining ODI cricket. He often used this shot to create a magical vibe in the match.

He single-handedly helped the team to win several matches for India. Not only as a player, but also contributes with the bat as a captain. Rohit Sharma is one of the best T20 captains in Indian history. Most of you will be surprised to know that Rohit was dropped from ODI 2011 World Cup Squad. But things changed after 2013 when he was called up for the national squad. His back-to-back ODI double centuries were the turning point of his career. Since then, he has been making record after record for his team India.

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Who called Rohit the “Hitman” in Cricket?

Ravi Shastri was the first man who was called Rohit Sharma the “hitman”. He called him a hitman in the commentary box in the 2013 India Vs Australia match at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium. Rohit Sharma was on 197 and completed his double century with a superb six. On crossing the 200 runs mark, Ravi Shastri’s words in the commentary box were, “What a way to bring up 200 in one-day internationals; they call him Hitman, and he has arrived at the party.” After this, fans started calling him the hitman of Indian cricket. Several other broadcasters and players started calling him the hitman of cricket.

ravi shastri on rohit shrama 200

Later on, he scored two more double centuries in ODI cricket for India. Therefore, he is known as a true hitman of Indian cricket. Rohit Sharma’s hitman role surpasses individual excellence at all times. Despite the fact that his hitman task is dependent on his individual performance, he believes in team unity and strength. When Rohit Sharma enters the crease, people expect a spectacle, while other players expect him to take action and change the game’s path.

Why is Rohit Sharma known as “Hitman”?

why rohit sharma is called hitman

The main reason Rohit earned the nickname “Hitman” is due to the vast amount of records he has set for India. His most prominent records are the highest individual score (264) and most double centuries in ODI cricket. Let’s see his other records.

1stMost Runs in an ODI Innings (264)
Most Matches in T20I (148)
Most Sixes in T20
Most Sixes in T20I (182)
2ndMost Runs in an ODI Innings as Captain (208*)
Most 100s in an ODI series (05)
Most 100s in a Calendar Year (07)
100s in Consecutive ODI Innings
Most 6s in an ODI Innings 
Most Runs in T20 Career (3853)
3rdFastest to 9000 Runs
Most Catches in T20 Career (58)
Rohit Sharma Stats as Hitman

Famous Lines on Hitman of Indian Cricket?

Here are some of the famous lines by Rohit Sharma.

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