IPL RecordsMost 4 Wicket Haul in IPL 2008 - 2023

Most 4 Wicket Haul in IPL 2008 – 2023

With its top bowlers, batters, and fielders, the IPL is one of the best leagues in the world. It is a highly viewed cricket league that featured some of the IPL’s most exciting moments—these exciting moments occasionally occurred when a bowler achieved four-wicket hauls.

In the IPL, a bowler who takes four wickets in one inning of a match is said to have a four wicket haul. Similarly, any bowler who takes five wickets in an inning of a match is said to have five wicket haul.

The IPL has seen some remarkable bowling performances over the years, with several bowlers achieving several four-wicket hauls in their respective careers. Their teams have won several matches, establishing their status as some of the league’s leading bowlers. A four-wicket haul is a highly in-demand achievement in the IPL since it shows a bowler’s ability to affect the game and the result.

Several Indian and foreign bowlers have taken the most 4 wickets; we will explore this further in our articles. 

Sunil Narine1481525 / 19 7
Lasith Malinga1221705 /136
Kagiso Rabada63994 / 216
Chris Morris81954 / 234
Amit Mishra1541665 / 174
Yuzi Chahal1311665 / 403
Umesh Yadav1331354 / 233
Ravindra Jadeja2101325 / 163
Lakshmipathy Balaji73765 / 243
Kuldeep Yadav59614 /143
Imran Tahir59824 / 123
Andrew Tye30425 / 173
Most 4 Wicket Hauls in IPL

Highest Four Wicket Hauls

Sunil Narine

West Indian bowling sensation Sunil Narine has played with KKR since the beginning of his IPL career. In one IPL game, he took a maximum of five wickets. He took a total of 07 four wickets hauls. 

Sunil Narine had incredibly successful IPL seasons in 2012, 2013, and 2014, taking two four-wicket hauls each time. The remaining wicket hauls came in the 2015 and 2021 seasons of IPL.

Seasons4 WK Hauls
Sunil Narine Four Wickets Halus by Year
most four wicket hauls in ipl

Lasith Malinga

Lasith Malinga took six 4 wicket hauls in IPL history. He spent considerable time playing for the Mumbai Indians team, and he still maintains his position in the top 10 wicket takers in IPL. Mumbai Indians fans still remember his excellent bowling performance. He took the most four wicket hauls (02) in 2019. He spent considerable time playing for the Mumbai Indians team and still retains several tournament records.

Seasons4 WK Hauls
Lasith Malinga Four Wickets Halus by Year

Kagiso Rabada

After making his IPL debut in 2017, Kagiso Rabada, a fast bowler from South Africa, has played a significant role in the league. He has played in the IPL for the Delhi Capitals team and has regularly been one of their best players. His four wicket hauls are as follows.

Seasons4 WK Hauls
Kagiso Rabada Four Wickets Halus by Year

Amit Mishra 

One of the greatest bowlers in Indian Premier League (IPL) history is the Indian leg-spinner, Amit Mishra. Over the years, he has represented a number of franchises and has consistently been among the top wicket-takers in the competition. Here are his four wicket hauls in IPL.

Seasons4 WK Hauls
Amit MishraFour Wickets Halus by Year

Lakshmipathy Balaji

Former Indian cricketer Lakshmipathy Balaji, commonly known as L Balaji, was an excellent seam bowler in Indian cricket history. He also participated in Indian Premier League matches with the Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Punjab Kings. His four wicket hauls in IPL are as follows;

Seasons4 WK Hauls
Balaji Four Wickets Halus by Year

Yuzi Chahal

Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal has played for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League (IPL). With his leg spin and googly, he has bowled in a very destructive style.

Seasons4 WK Hauls
Yuzi Chahal Four Wickets Halus by Year

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Ravindra Jadeja 

In the Indian Premier League (IPL), Ravindra Jadeja is an all-around player who has played for the Gujarat Lions and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) teams. Apart from batting and bowling, he is also known for his superb fielding. He is a highly sincere player who excels in all possible situations.

Seasons4 WK Hauls
Ravindra Jadeja Four Wickets Halus by Year

Chris Morris 

Chris Morris is a South African cricketer known for his impressive performances as an all-rounder in various T20 leagues around the world, including the Indian Premier League (IPL). Morris is an excellent all-arounder with a solid T20 cricket record. He has demonstrated that he is a vital player in the IPL and other T20 tournaments worldwide.

Seasons4 WK Hauls
Chris Morris  Four Wickets Halus by Year

Andrew Tye

Australian cricketer Andrew Tye has participated in the Indian Premier League for a number of different clubs. Tye’s ability to take wickets at vital moments during a match has made him an important player overall in the IPL. His IPL records are still outstanding, even though he has not played in the tournament recently. He took three four wicket hauls in the 2018 season of IPL.

Seasons4 WK Hauls
Andrew Tye Four Wickets Halus by Year

Jasprit Bumrah 

One of the most dangerous bowlers in Indian Premier League (IPL) history, Jasprit Bumrah, has represented the Mumbai Indians. Bumrah has been one of the most effective bowlers in IPL history overall and has been crucial to Mumbai Indians’ success in the competition. He is a useful player for any IPL team he plays for due to his accurate, economical bowling.

Seasons4 WK Hauls
Jasprit Bumrah  Four Wickets Halus by Year
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