Captaincy RecordsBabar Azam Captaincy Record in Test, ODI, and T20I

Babar Azam Captaincy Record in Test, ODI, and T20I

Babar Azam has emerged as the finest player in the last decade. In 2019, he was appointed as a captain for the Australia tour. Many Cricket gurus criticize this decision by saying it can damage his batting career. It took only 11 months, and Babar proved that he was not only a great batsman even he is a good skipper. After seeing his exceptional leading capabilities, Pakistan Cricket Board and former captain and head coach Misbah ul Haq decided to make him captain of One day matches. Till Jan 2021, Babar Captained the Pakistani team in 14 games and won five. Sarfraz Ahmad was a good captain, but he was out of form and Azhar Ali was also struggling, it was evident that PCB wanted someone consistent as their Test captain. In Jan 2021, Babar was announced as captain for all formats. This article will look at Babar Azam’s captaincy record in Test, ODI, and T20I.

Babar Azam Captaincy Record in All Formats

Babar Azam scored 3556 runs and won 43 matches in all formats.

Batting Record as Captain

Babar Azam has been miraculous with the bat throughout his captaincy. He continues to entertain spectators with his stylish cover drives, converting fifties into centuries and leading his team to victories. These brilliant batting stats are increasing his records list.

  • He has scored 5916 runs and has a batting average of 49 as captain.
  • Babar has scored 15 centuries in 121 matches, which include three against Australia and two against South Africa. 
  • He has won five man of the match awards as captain.
  • At home, as captain, he has scored 3155 runs.
  • At away, he has scored 2076 runs in all formats.
  • At a neutral venue, he has scored 685 runs.

Matches Record as captain (win/lose)

  • Babar Azam captained the Pakistani team in 103 games, winning 61 matches and losing 31.
  • He has a winning percentage of 59.
  • Babar Won 14 games against England,11 vs New Zealand, 10 against South Africa, and Bangladesh, nine against Zimbabwe, and eight against West Indies.
MatchesWonLostTiedDrawN/RWinning PercentageW/L
Babar Azam Captaincy Record Over All

Babar Azam captaincy record in ODI

Babar Azam captaincy record in ODI.

Batting Record as Captain in ODI

  • Babar Azam scored 1994 runs as captain in ODI’s with a batting average of 71. He surpassed Virat Kohli’s ODI record for the quickest 1000 runs by a skipper. Virat scored 1000 runs in 17 innings, while Babar crossed this milestone in just 13.
  • Babar has scored eight centuries in ODI as captain, including two against Australia and one against South Africa, Zimbabwe, England, and West Indies.
  • His highest number of runs in an ODI against England is 154, which he scored in 2021 at Birmingham.

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Team Records in ODI under Babar captaincy

  • Babar Azam leads Pakistan in 30 matches with a winning percentage of 70.
  • He won 21 matches, eight were lost, and one was tied against Zimbabwe.
MatchesWonLostTiedN/RWinning PercentageW/L
Babar Azam Captaincy Record in ODI

Babar Azam Captaincy Record in Test Matches

babar azam won 8 test matches.

Batting Record as Captain in Test

  • Babar Azam scored 1727 runs with a batting average of 51 in test matches.
  • He has scored four Test hundreds against Australia, England, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, with eleven fifties during this period.
  • He scored the highest runs (196) against Australia in Karachi.

Team Records in Test under Babar Captaincy

  • Babar Captained the Pakistani team in 20 Test matches, winning 10, losing 6, and 4 were drawn.
  • Under his captaincy, Pakistan whitewashes South Africa, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe.
  • Pakistani chased 344 runs against Sri Lanka in the fourth innings, the second-highest chase against Sri Lanka.
MatchesWonLostDrawTiedWinning PercentageW/L
Babar Azam Captaincy Record in Test

Babar Azam Captaincy Record in T20I

He scored 1396 runs as T20I captain for Pakistan.

Batting Record as Captain in T20I

  • As captain, in 71 matches, he scored 2195 runs with a batting average of 38 and a strike rate of 129.
  • Babar has scored three hundred (against South Africa, New Zealand & England) and 20 fifties as captain in his T20I career. 
  • He holds the record for most fifties and hundreds as captain for the Pakistani side. He is the first and only T20I captain who scored a century in a T20 game.
  • His highest runs in T20I is 122, which he scored at Centurian against South Africa in 2021.

Team record in T20I under Babar Captaincy

  • Babar Azam is the most successful Pakistani captain in T20I. He led the Pakistani team in 71 matches, won 42, and lost 23 and five without any results.
  • Pakistan beat South Africa in six matches, West Indies in 4, Bangladesh in eight, Zimbabwe in 5, three against England, four against New Zealand, two against Australia, and India.
  • Under his captaincy, Pakistan breaks the jinx of losing to India in Worldcup. Back in 2021, Pakistan beat India by ten wickets in the T20 world cup with the help of brilliant batting bowling by Shaheen Afridi and Sensible batting by Babar and Rizwan.
MatchesWonLostN/RTiedWinning PercentageW/L
Babar Azam Captaincy Record in T20I

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Babar Azam Captaincy Record at Home

Babar Azam capaincy stats in Pakistan.

Babar Azam’s Batting Record as Captain at Home

  • He scored 2449 runs in Pakistan, including 1086 runs in Test, 744 runs in ODI, and 744 T20I runs.
  • In-home matches, he scored 16 fifties and eight centuries (3 Test, 1 in T20I, and 4 ODI). 
  • He has a batting average of 60 in all formats at home matches and a strike rate of 79.

Team Record in Pakistan under Babar’s captaincy

  • Pakistan has played 39 matches under his captaincy in Pakistan and won 23 matches.
  • At home, he has won 2 test matches (vs. South Africa) and lost four (vs. Australia and England), and four were drawn (vs. Australia).
  • Pakistan won eight ODI matches at home under his captaincy with a winning percentage of 77 and lost only one.
  • In T20I at home, he won 13 matches for Pakistan and lost only two with a winning percentage of 68.

Babar Azam captaincy record in away matches

Babar Azam away captaincy record.

Babar Azam’s Batting Record as Captain at Away

  • In all formats, Babar has scored 1663 runs as captain in away matches. He has 565 away runs in Test, 405 in ODI, and 693 in T20I.
  • He has 13 fifties and five centuries (2 in Test, 2 in ODI, and one in T20I) in away matches. 
  • His batting average is 46, and his strike rate is 79 in away matches.

Team record in Away Matches under Babar Azam’s Captaincy.

  • Pakistan has played 40 games in away condition, won 24, lost 14, and 5 ended without any results.
  • Babar has a winning percentage of 55 in away games across all formats.
  • At away, he won 6 test matches (2 vs Bangladesh, two vs Zimbabwe, and one against Sri Lanka and West Indies). He lost two against Sri Lanka and West Indies.
  • In ODI, he led Pakistan in nine matches and won three against the Netherlands and two against South Africa. While the English team whitewashed Pakistan in 3 matches series played in England. 
  • Pakistan Won 13 away T20I matches with a winning percentage of 47.

Babar Azam Captaincy Record by Series

  • In total, Pakistan won 16 and lost Eight Series under Babar’s captaincy.
  • In ODI’s, Babar Azam wins four series. The winning series was against Zimbabwe, Australia, the West Indies, and South Africa. Only England Succeeded in beating Pakistan in the ODI series.
  • Pakistan won the Test series against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, Australia beat Pakistan in the home series, and drew a series against Sri Lanka and West Indies. In the World Test championship, Pakistan won 4 out of six matches.
  • In the T20I series, Pakistan won two against South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh. Australia beat Pakistan in two series and England in one. One series between Pakistan and England was drawn 1-1.
  • In 2022, Pakistan beat Newzealand and Bangladesh to win a T20 Tri-Series held in New Zealand.

Babar Azam Captaincy Record in T20 World Cup

In two World Cups, Babar Azam led the green shirts as captain. Pakistan has won 9 and lost 4 games. Pakistan made it to the semifinals in 2021 and the finals in 2022. Unfortunately, Pakistan did not take home the trophy.

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