Captaincy RecordsWho is the Most Succesful Captain in T20I Cricket?

Who is the Most Succesful Captain in T20I Cricket?

Test cricket was popular at one point, followed by ODI cricket, and now T20 cricket is popular. T20 cricket’s distinct rules and enthusiasm have led to the game’s growth in terms of excitement, aggressiveness, and worldwide popularity. The role of captains changed as a result of this alteration in cricket. During the history of 20-over cricket, we have witnessed both aggressive and defensive captains. The most successful captain in T20I, however, is a mystery.
Nonetheless, what features characterize a successful T20 captain? A successful T20 cricket skipper will make decisions based on data and evidence at all times. He practices good leadership behavior by regularly paying attention to the management and team members. A successful t20 captain selects his squad and then enforces his decisions using an effective strategy. We will look into who has had the most success as an international T20 captain.

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Top 10 Most Successful Captains in T20I

Asghar Afghan – 42 Wins

Asghar Afghan is one of the most successful captains in t20i. Yes, a lot would be surprised to know that, but the fact is that he has the most wins as a captain in T20I cricket. Although his cricket career has had its ups and downs, one of his best qualities as a captain is his consistency in T20 cricket.
He won 42 out of 52 matches in T20 internationals for Afghanistan. His win percentage at the international level is 80 percent which is his highest among other t20 captains. One of the most astonishing facts about Asghar Afghan is having the highest Win to loss ratio. He has a 4.6 W/L ratio, one of the best among all t20 captains in history.

MatchesWonLostWin Percentage
Asghar Afgha Stats as Captain in T20I

Have you noticed the number of matches he lost in T20 internationals? They are 09 in number, with the lowest loss percentage of only around 10 percent.

Now, we will explore Asghar’s captaincy stats in the T20 world cup. Asghar leads his team in 09 T20I matches of the T20I World Cup, winning 04 and losing 07.

most successful captain in t20 asghar afghan

He is a great Afghan patriot adding to being a brilliant Twenty20 skipper. We all know that Asghar’s surname when he joined cricket was Stanikzai. Later on, he changed this name to Afghan in love with his homeland Afghanistan.

Eoin Morgan – 42 Wins

From Irish cricket to English cricket and winning the historical first-ever ODI World Cup for England in 2019. This was the typical intro that you would hear of Eoin Morgan. However, Eoin Morgan had more to offer in T20 cricket. He is the second-best T20I captain of this era after Asghar Afghan. The T20 cricket format is a new format in which new legends are emerging. Yes, Eoin Morgan is one of the legendary figures whose T20 captaincy records will always be remembered.
In T20 internationals, he won 42 out of 72 matches with a win percentage of 61 for England. He lost 27 matches with a loss percentage of 37. His win-to-loss ratio in T20 cricket is 1.5.

MatchesWonLostWin Percentage
Eoin Morgan captaincy Stats in T20I

Now, We will see his T20 Captaincy stats in World Cup. He led England in the 2016 and 2021 Men’s T20 World Cup. He won 04 out of the total 12 matches in T20 World Cup with a win rate of 50.

Eoin morgan is best english captain in t20

MS Dhoni – 41 Wins

MS Dhoni solidified his reputation as the most successful T20 captain by winning the 2007 T20I World Cup. This was MS Dhoni’s first ICC Tournament victory, and it rocketed him to prominence in Indian cricket. T20 cricket in India reached new heights with India’s victory in the Men’s T20 World Cup 2007. MS Dhoni really deserved all the credit for this achievement. From starting his career to the end, he remained a brand in T20 cricket.

MS Dhoni is the most successful Indian captain in T20I. He won 41 matches out of 71 matches in T20I for India. His win percentage was recorded at 58, while the lost percentage was recorded at 38.

MatchesWonLostWin Percentage
MS Dhoni Stats as Captain in T20I

MS Dhoni led India in 33 matches of the Men’s T20 World Cup and won the first-ever T20 World Cup for India in 2007. Out of a total of 33 India won 20 and lost 11 World Cup matches.

ms dhoni is most succesful indian captain in t20i

Babar Azam – 40 Wins

Babar Azam is one of the most promising skippers in today’s t20 cricket. He began with a low profile and advanced to a higher rank gradually in t20 cricket. He is not only a fantastic captain but also a fantastic batter who always leads from the front.
In T20 internationals, he won 40 out of 66 matches for Pakistan. He recently surpassed Sarfraz Ahmed’s captaincy record of winning 29 of 37 matches for Pakistan.

MatchesWonLostWin Percentage
Babar Azam Stats as Captain in T20I

Under the leadership of Babar Azam, Pakistan won 09 out of 13 matches in the T20I World Cup. Pakistan reached the semi-final and final of the T20 World Cup under Babar Azam’s captaincy. Here are Babar Azam’s stats in T20I World Cup.

Babar azam is most succesful captain in t20 for pakistan

Arron Finch – 40 Wins

At a time when cricket was transitioning from Test and ODI to T20I, Australia’s form in this format was poor. Cricket Australia made multiple changes to the t20 captaincy role, but all of them failed. Aaron Finch played a significant role in stabilizing the Australian T20 cricket team. He developed the Australian t20 team using some of the most innovative techniques. At a time when cricket was transitioning from Test and ODI to T20I, Australia’s form in this format was poor. Cricket Australia made multiple changes to the t20 captaincy role, but all of them failed.
Aaron Finch was the most successful captain of T20 in Australian cricket history. He led Australia from 2014 to 2022 with a win-loss ratio of 1.2. He led Australia in 76 matches, winning 40 and losing 32 with a win percentage of 52.

MatchesWonLostWin Percentage
Arron Finch as Captain in T20I

How successful was Aaron Finch in the Men’s T20 World Cup? Yes, he was very successful and won 08 out of 10 T20I in World Cup and won the title in 2021 by beating New Zealand. He lost only 02 World Cup matches as Australian T20 Captain.

arron finch is best asustralian captain in t20

Rohit Sharma – 39 Wins

After MS Dhoni retired as a T20 captain, Virat Kohli was the next candidate, followed by Rohit Sharma. In a Short time of his captaincy span, Rohit established himself as one of the best captains of T20 cricket in India.
Rohit won 39 out of 51 t20 matches with a win percentage of 76. Rohit Sharma’s lost percentage is 23 percent in T20 cricket as a captain.

MatchesWonLostWin Percentage
Rohit Sharma as Captain in T20I

Now, we will explore Rohit Sharma’s stats in T20 World Cup history. In the T20 World Cup, Rohit Sharma led 06 matches, winning 04 and losing 02.

Rohit sharma is best indian captain in t20

William Porterfield – 26 Wins

Irish cricket has produced many famous cricketers in a short period of time, including William Porterfield. He was not only a great cricketer but also the foundation of Irish cricket. He was the man to grow this team at a time when Irish cricket was in crisis at the beginning. As a result, he was a cricketer and a role model for Irish cricket.
He led Ireland in 56 matches, winning 26 and losing 26. His win percentage was 46 percent which was the highest in that era of T20 cricket.

MatchesWonLostWin Percentage
William Porterfield as Captain in T20I

His T20I WC captaincy record was not very fantastic. He won only 03 matches out of 15 matches for the Ireland team as a captain.

williams porterfield

Virat Kohli – 30 Wins

Virat Kohli led India in T20 cricket from 2017 to 2021. Kohli carried the legacy set by MS Dhoni. He used some of the most aggressive innovative approaches for team India. His performance in bilateral series as a captain was far superior to his performance as a player.
Virat Kohli leads India in the 50 T20I, winning 30 and losing 16. His win percentage as a captain was 60. He is regarded as one of the best T20 captains in Indian history.

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MatchesWonLostWin Percentage
Virat Kohli as Captain in T20I

Now, we will see how successful was Virat Kohli in the T20I World Cup for India.

ideal indian captain

Daren Sammy – 27 Wins

Daren Sammy was one of the most successful T20 captains in West Indies’ history. He was initially named as the West Indies’ temporary captain. However, based on his best performances, he was later named a permanent captain.
He won 27 out of a total of 47 T20 matches with a win percentage of 59. His loss percentage is only 26 percent, indicating that he lost only 26 percent of the matches he led for the West Indies.

MatchesWonLostWin Percentage
Darren Sammy as Captain in T20I

Darren Sammy is the most successful captain in T20 Worldcup, he is the only one who won two world cup titles in 2012 and 2016. He won 11 out of 18 T20 World Cup matches.

darren samay is most t20 world cup winner
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