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Most Consecutive Centuries in ODI Cricket

It is difficult for a batter to score a century in an ODI, and it becomes even more difficult to score consecutive centuries. Only 11 ODI batters have achieved this feat as of yet. Fakhar Zaman and Babar Azam are the recent entry of players who have scored the most consecutive centuries in ODI Cricket. Zaheer Abbas was the very first player in ODI history to score three consecutive centuries. Who are the other players involved in accomplishing this? Let’s find out in the following article.

Who scored most consecutive centuries in ODI?

Kumar Sangakkara | 04

Kumar Sangakkara holds the record for most consecutive centuries in ODI. He is the only batsman in ODI history who scored 4 centuries in a row.

He had a fantastic year in 2015, scoring 04 consecutive centuries in ODI history, which is still a record. All of these hundred was scored on away venues. He scored one century against Bangladesh, one against New Zealand, one against England, and one against Australia. Since all of these centuries occurred during the 2015 World Cup, it is yet another World Cup record to score consecutive centuries.

Kumar Sangakkara scored 4 consecutive centuries in 2015.

Players with 3 consecutive in ODI?

Zaheer Abbas | 03

Zaheer Abbas became the first ODI batter in history to hit three consecutive centuries. He performed this feat against India in the 1982/83 ODI series, which was held in Pakistan. It was a three-match ODI series between rival countries, and Zaheer won 02 players of the match awards. This demonstrates Zaheer’s batting talent at a time when scoring a century in an ODI was uncommon.

zaheer abbass score 3 consecutive hundred in ODI against India.

Saeed Anwar | 03

Who remembers Saeed Anwar, one of Pakistan’s best left-handed batters in the 1990s? Saeed’s quick scoring ability at the top of the order was a God-given talent that he used in almost every match.

He became the second batter in ODI history, after Zaheer Abbas, to score 03 consecutive centuries in 1993. He scored 02 hundred against Sri Lanka and 01 against the West Indies, who were a powerful team at the time. Saeed Anwar is still regarded as one of the greatest left-handed openers in cricket history due to his magical performance.

saeed anwar scored 3 consecutive centuries against Sri Lanka and West indies in 1993.

Herschelle Gibbs | 03

Herschelle Gibbs was one of the aggressive right-handed batsmen for South Africa. He demonstrated his aggressive batting in the 2002 ICC Champions Trophy when he smashed 02 consecutive centuries against Kenya and India. The final century came against Bangladesh during South Africa’s tour prior to the Champions Trophy. All three hundred were made possible by Graeme Smith’s collaboration.

Herschelle Gibbs score 3 consecutive hundred in 2002.

AB De Villiers | 03

AB De Villiers may have retired from cricket earlier, but his 360-degree batting style remains popular among his fans. He has 03 consecutive ODI centuries, 02 against India, and one against the West Indies. He performed this miracle in 2010, and one of his centuries was against India in the match in which Sachin Tendulkar scored the first-ever double century in ODI history.

Despite the fact that South Africa lost that match, AB De Villiers fought hard with brilliant innings of 114.

AB de villiers score 3 consecutive centuries against India and West Indies in 2010.

Quinton de Kock | 03

Quinton de Kock is a well-balanced batsman from South Africa. He had the best year of his career in 2013, scoring 03 centuries in a row against India. As a result of his outstanding performance, he received three player of the match and series awards. South Africa defeated India 2-0. Quinton de Kock’s performance in international cricket will undoubtedly set many records in the future.

de Kock score 3 consecutive hundreds against India in 2013.

Ross Taylor | 03

Ross Taylor is the only New Zealander on this list who has scored the most consecutive centuries in ODI history.

In 2014, he accomplished this feat against India and Pakistan, scoring 02 hundred against India at home and 01 against Pakistan in Dubai. Ross Taylor has set numerous other records for New Zealand in international cricket. He also holds the record for the most catches in a career and the most sixes in a career.

Ross Taylor score 3 consecutive centuries in ODI against india and pakistan in 2014.

Babar Azam | 03 (2016)

Babar Azam is a rising star in international cricket who has already broken numerous records for Pakistan. He scored 03 consecutive centuries against West Indies in 2016. Pakistan won all three matches thanks to Babar Azam’s outstanding performance. Babar was named player of the match as well as player of the series.

Babar Azam score 3 consecutive centuries against West indies in UAE.

Babar Azam | 03 (2022)

Babar Azam became the first batsman in ODI cricket history who scored 3 consecutive centuries in ODI, the first time he managed to do it was in 2016 against West Indies second time he did it against Australia and West Indies. He scored two centuries against Australia in the last two matches of the series and third against West Indies.

Jonny Bairstow | 03

Jonny Bairstow became the first English player in ODI history to score three consecutive centuries in 2018. He scored 02 hundred against New Zealand and 01 against Scotland. All of these centuries were scored away from home. In these hundreds, Jonny received a 01 player of the series award.

Jonny Bairstow score 3 consecutive hundred against New Zealand and scotland in 2018.

Which Indian batsman scored 3 consecutive centuries in ODI?

Virat Kohli | 03

Virat Kohli set numerous records for India in a short period of time. There is no complete record list that does not include the name Virat Kohli and he appears on this list as well. He scored 03 consecutive centuries against West Indies in 2018 at his home venue. West Indies is the only team in ODI history to face three consecutive centuries, the first from Babar and the second from Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli score 3 consecutive centuries against West Indies in 2018.

Rohit Sharma | 03

Rohit Sharma is the only batter on the list who achieved the feat of scoring three consecutive centuries during the World Cup 2019. He scored these centuries against Bangladesh, England, and Srilanka. In total, he scored 05 hundred in the 2019 World Cup, tying Sachin Tendulkar’s record. He still has plenty of matches to play for India and has the potential to do great things. Out of these three consecutive centuries, he received 02 players of the match awards.

Rohit Sharma score 3 consecutive centuries in World cup 2019.

Fakhar Zaman- 03

Fakhar Zaman scored three consecutive centuries against New Zealand on their tour of Pakistan. He score 101, 117 and 180 not out in three consecutive games and became part of this elite list.

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