IPL RecordsFastest 500 Runs in IPL - Top 10 Batsman

Fastest 500 Runs in IPL – Top 10 Batsman

The IPL is much more than a cricket league; it captures an entire emotion or feeling. Any new player or aspiring batter who wants to play in the IPL has one strong emotion. One of those strong emotions is to do something big in the form of scoring the fastest 500 runs in the IPL.

Two Australian Batter Matthew Hayden and Shaun Marsh have a mutual record of scoring the fastest 500 Runs in IPL. Both of them take only 12 innings to reach this milestone.

In previous IPL seasons, legendary players like Chris Gayle and Suresh Raina have frequently scored 500 runs or more in a single season. However, achieving the quickest 500 runs in the Indian Premier League for any incoming youngster is no easy task.

The fastest 500, the fastest 1000, the fastest 2000, and the fastest 3000 are difficult to achieve because they require a lot of struggle coupled with a good batting strategy.

Shaun Marsh12
Matthew Hayden12
Mike Hussey13
Lendl Simmons14
Jonny Bairstow16
Chris Gayle16
Ruturaj Gaikwad18
Kane Williamson19
Adam Gilchrist 20
Sachin Tendulkar22
Shane Watson23
Fastest 500 Runs in IPL

Now, we will explore more details about the quickest batters to reach 500 runs in IPL.

Fastest Batsmen to Reach 500 Runs in IPL

fastest 500 runs in ipl

Shaun Marsh – 12 Innings

Shaun Marsh participated in the first IPL seasons and set a lot of IPL records. One of the most notable records was the highest run scorer in the IPL in 2008. He scored 616 runs this season for Kings XI Punjab. Furthermore, he was the quickest to score 500 runs in IPL. He took only 12 innings to achieve the milestone of five hundred runs in IPL. 

His 500 quickest runs milestone included 01 IPL century and 07 IPL fifties. He will be remembered as an IPL legend as a result of his outstanding performance.

Matthew Hayden – 12 Innings

When Matthew Hayden was about to retire from international cricket, the IPL offered him the ideal opportunity to set some new records. You will all be surprised to learn how effectively he took advantage of this chance. He scored the fastest five hundred runs in the first season of IPL and took only 12 innings to achieve this record of scoring the fastest 500 runs in IPL. 

He was unfortunate to score any century in achieving this milestone.

Mike Hussey – 13 Innings

How many of you are familiar with Mike Hussey, one of Australia’s most talented batters in the last decade? He was a champion batter who helped Austalin win many matches. He performed the same way for Australia as he did for his IPL team. In the early season of IPL, he had an outstanding IPL career. He scored 03 fifties and 01 century in achieving his milestone of the fastest 500 runs in IPL. His century came in his first IPL match, and his performance against Kings XI Punjab shocked every cricket fan. He scored 116 runs on 56 balls unbeaten and received a man of the match award in IPL for this performance.

Lendl Simmons – 14 Innings

West Indian T20 great Lendl Simmons participated in a few IPL seasons. He is among the top t20 openers of the current era. He achieved this feat in the 2014 and 2015 seasons of IPL by scoring six fifties and 01 century to achieve this milestone.

Lendl Simmons is a cool and calm character who always puts his maximum effort into winning the match for his team. He is still missed greatly by his t20 cricket followers.

Jonny Bairstow – 16 Innings

An English Superstar who excelled in the IPL is Jonny Bairstow. He started his IPL career in the 2019 season, which ended with a century. In the next season, he achieved the fastest 500 runs in the 16th innings of his career. This was one of Faboulos’ records, and he quickly rose to the top of the IPL charts.

In his 500 milestones, he scored 05 fifties and 01 century. He had some unlucky moments in this milestone too. One of that moments was his unexpected wicket of 97 runs in 2019.

Chris Gayle – 16 Innings

Who hasn’t heard of Chris Gayle, the T20 cricket legend? He was an exceptional cricketer and one of the best in the IPL. Gsyle set several IPL records, including the fastest 500 runs and most sixes in IPL history. He took 16 innings to achieve this milestone of 500 runs. One of the best aspects of Chris Gayle’s batting in the IPL was his strike rate, which helped him win several matches for his team.

Ruturaj Gaikwad – 18 Innings

Ruturaj Gaikwad is the most recent setnasion in the IPL. He rose to prominence after the beginning of his IPL career in the 2020 season. He holds the record for the fastest 500 runs by any Indian batter in IPL. In order to achieve this milestone, he took 18 IPL innings, 06 fifties, and 01 unbeaten century. Ruturaj Gaikwad and Devon Convay made it into the list of the top 10 highest partnerships in IPL.

He started his IPL career in 2020 and took one and half seasons to reach 500 runs in IPL. After an excellent entry into IPL, he was allowed to play international cricket.

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