Captaincy RecordsSachin Tendulkar Captaincy Record in Test, ODI, and T20I

Sachin Tendulkar Captaincy Record in Test, ODI, and T20I

Sachin’s Classical batting consistently delivered an outstanding performance whether he was playing in an Indian venue or any other stadium in the world. He was outstanding in both bowling and batting for the duration of his career, but his captaincy record is still questioned.
He was made a captain in 1996, but his leadership skills were lacking. For this reason, he stepped out of acting as captain and returned to his original position as a batter and bower. This remarkable transformation helped him in reaching new goals in his career.
Supporters of Sachin Tendulkar felt let down when they learned that he would no longer serve as captain. However, he made one of his career’s most important choices. His career benefited from this outcome.

Captaincy Period1996-2000
Previous CaptainMuhammad Azharuddin
Next CaptainSourav Ganguly
Key AchievementsWinning Cpatian of Sahara Friendship Cup (Ind-Pak 1997), Winning captain of Titan Cup 1997, New Zealand in India ODI series 1999
Sachin Tendulkar’s Achievements as Captain of the Indian Team

Later on, in 2007, he was again offered the role of Team India. He denied Captaincy in favor of MS Dhoni. He promoted Indian cricket by suggesting to the BCCI that MS Dhoni should be appointed as the new captain of the squad.

Sachin Tendulkar Overall Captaincy Records

In all formats, Sachin led team India in 98 matches. He won 27 out of 98 matches with a win rate of 27 percent in all formats.
These results were damaging his career as a batter. His resignation from captaincy helped to bring back his confidence and serve the Indian team with his bat.

sachin tendulkar all captaincy record

Total Series Won Under Sachin’s Captaincy

Team India played 27 series in all formats under the leadership of Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin helped India win seven series and lost 17 series.
India won most of the series against South Africa (3), followed by New Zealand and Australia with two series wins. He won only one test series against big rival Pakistan.

SeriesWon LostDraw
Sachin Tendulkar Total Series Won

Sachin Tendulkar Runs as Captain Vs Player

  • As a captain, he scored 4508 runs in 98 matches with an average of 42.
  • As a player, he scored 29849 with a batting average of 49.
All FormatsAs CaptainPlayer
Sachin Tendulkar Batting Stats as Captain vs Player

Sachin Tendulkar Captaincy Record in Test

Sachin Tendulkar played 25 matches, winning only 04 and losing 09. Under his leadership, 12 matches ended in a draw. He has a winning percentage of only 16 in Test matches.

sachin tendulkar captaincy record in test

He won two matches against South Africa and one against Australia and New Zealand each.

South Africa82501
New Zealand51002
Sri Lanka30005
West Indies30104
Sachin Tendulkar ODI Captaincy Stats

Test Series Won

India played nine test series under the captain of Sachin Tendulkar, winning 03 and losing 04. Two series ended in a draw.

  • He won test series against South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • He lost two series against South Africa, and one against West Indies and Australia each.

Sachin Tendulkar Test Runs as Captain vs as Player

As a captain, Sachin batted in 24 matches scoring 2054 runs with a batting average of 51. As a player, he scored 13867 runs in 175 matches with a batting average of 54. This shows that he kept his batting average the same in both roles, which is fantastic.

TestAs CaptainAs Player
Sachin Runs as Captain vs Player

Sachin Tendulkar Captaincy Record in ODI

In ODI cricket, Sachin led India in 73 ODI matches, winning 23 and losing 43. His win rate as a captain is 31 percent in ODI cricket.

sachin tendulkar captaincy record in odi
  • He won the most wins in ODI as captain against Pakistan, where India won eight matches out of 21 and played 21 against Pakistan.
  •  He won four games against New Zealand, three against Zimbabwe, and two against South Africa, Australia, and Sri Lanka.
New Zealand64200
South Africa102701
Sri Lanka132901
West Indies71500
Sachin Tendulkar ODI Captaincy Stats

ODI Series Won

India played 18 series under the captaincy of Sachin Tendulkar winning only 04 series and losing 13 ODI series. One of the most important victories came in Sahara Cup in 1997.

Sachin Tendulkar Runs as Captain Vs Player in ODI

Sachin Tendulkar played 73 ODI matches as a captain scoring 2454 runs with a batting average of 37. While as a player, he scored 15072 runs in 390 matches with a batting average of 46.

ODIAs CaptainPlayer
Sachin Tendulkar Runs as a captain vs player


Sachin Tendulkar is still known as a God of cricket for his excellent performance in Test and ODI cricket. His achievements in cricket speak much about his commitment and talent. His longest career led to numerous advances in India’s cricket.
Even though he didn’t have the greatest success as a captain, his performances as a player were reason enough for his fans to celebrate. He might not have been able to accomplish all of these milestones as a captain, according to many legendary cricketers. It makes sense because most batters handle pressure better while acting as a player than a captain.
We can also comprehend how challenging it was to lead the Indian team at that time. There were many alternatives for BCCI to name a new captain because there were so many legends.
They opted for Sourav Ganguly, which proved very well for Indian cricket. Hence, Sachin focused on his cricket as a player and achieved milestones and records that might not have been achieved.
After 2000, when he began consistently scoring centuries, his actual career began. His fans and BCCI noted that and supported him as a player to achieve milestones. Yes, he achieved 100-century record in cricket. This was why his fans started calling him master blaster and the God of cricket.

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