PSL RecordsFastest Bowlers in PSL History from 2016-2023

Fastest Bowlers in PSL History from 2016-2023

A fresh season and new fast bowlers are the norms in the PSL, which is known as the league of bowlers. Starting with Sohail Tanvir, Muhammad Irfan, and most recently discovered talent, Ihsanullah, Pakistan has received a new bowling talent with each new season. This is a unique characteristic of the PSL compared to other leagues that are mostly focused on batting talent.

Why do Pakistani bowlers from the PSL have some of the best talents? Being extremely successful in producing bowlers like Wasim and Waqar is a very understandable cause.

 As Wasim, Waqar, Imran, and Shoaib Akhtar have established such high standards, every newcomer aspires to be the next fast bowler like them. This explains why Pakistan keeps attracting fast-bowling talent to the PSL.

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This has been one of Pakistan’s most important beneficial developments, but on the downside, the country has lost a lot of bowling talent in the past. This resulted from the great battle among bowlers to earn their place in the squad. However, with the PSL, this issue has been resolved because every bowler now possesses the required skills to realize their full potential in the PSL.

PSL’s recent discoveries are Naseem Shah, Shaheen Afridi, and Ihsanullah. They are making every effort to display all of their talents. Now we will look at the top 10 fastest bowlers in PSL history.

Fastest Bowlers in PSL

Muhammad Amir

Muhammad Amir is one of the fastest bowlers in PSL history. Although he endured many challenges during his time playing cricket, he is still one of the best left-arm bowlers in the modern age. 

Muhammad Amir fastest, slowest and average ball speed in psl

His average PSL bowling speed exceeds 140 Kph. His preferred bowling has been an inswing delivery to right-handed batters. This is a very dangerous bowling skill that only a few left-handed bowlers had in the past. He had many wickets taken by bowling some excellent inswing spells. His best PSL performance places him among the league’s highest wicket-takers and most ducks.

Naseem Shah

The most recent addition to the PSL, Naseem Shah, bowls at an average rate of about 150 Kph. His bowling style is one of the most versatile, with a lot of variations in his seam and swing bowling.

Naseem Shah fastest, slowest and average ball speed in psl

If someone closely follows Naseem Shah, they will recall his heroic efforts during the 2020 PSL season. He bowled all six deliveries over 145 Kph in a PSL 2020 match against Islamabad United. This was the time when his fans started calling him the next superstar of Pakistan. 

There was a time when he struggled with his bowling action. He changed his bowling action and came out with different variations in his pace bowling. 

One of the PSL’s most productive bowlers in recent years is Naseem Shah. He has his name among various bowling records of PSL.

Shaheen Shah Afridi

Shaheen Shah Afridi has been one of PSL’s most destructive bowlers in recent years. His fastest deliveries usually reach a speed of 150 Kph. 

Shaheen Shah Afridi fastest, slowest and average ball speed in psl

His bowling variations can cause problems for both left and right-handed batters, but the technique for the right-handed batter is very simple with the inswing bowling delivery.

At an international level, Shaheed bowled at the highest bowling speed of 154.2 Kph. His fastest bowl in PSL 2021 was 151 Kph.

Last year, Shaheen Afridi suffered an injury that reduced his bowling speed to less than 150 Kph. But he is very confident that he will regain his bowling speed.

Shaheen Shah Afridi is capable of bowling 144.84kmph deliveries in a row. This shows that he would be the next bowling star from Pakistan.

Haris Rauf

In January 2020, Haris Rauf bowled at a speed of 151.5 Kph in Big Bash League. This was the first introduction of Haris Rauf to Pakistani fans. After it, Haris continued his performance in the PSL season, winning the top bowling records of PSL.

Haris Rauf bowled many memorable overs in PSL history. His fastest ball in PSL 07 (2022) was 153.5 Kph.

Haris Rauf fastest, slowest and average ball speed in psl

On average, Haris Rauf bowled a delivery at a speed greater than 145 Kph. He is famously known for the use of his slower one. 

Haris rose to prominence and popularity at a rapid pace. His popularity and performance helped his entry into International cricket for Pakistan.

He helped his PSL team win many matches with his superb performance. Due to his pace and speed, he has his name among the top bowlers of PSL. He has his name in the top bowling records of PSL.

Hasan Ali

Hasan Ali is another PSL bowling product discovered by Islamabad United. In the PSL, his average bowling speed is around 140 Kph. His average speed range in PSL has been from 134 to 146Kph.

The fastest ball that Hasan Ali bowled in PSL was 146 Kph. His bowling speed helped his greater success in PSL.

Hassan Ali fastest, slowest and average ball speed in psl

Hasan Ali has been one of the best bowlers in PSL history. In the PSL, he has caused problems for various batters. His PSL career definitely played a big role in his successful international career.

One of the best aspects of Hasan Ali’s bowling speed is that his ball occasionally skids a lot. This usually helped him in taking a lot of easy wickets. His fans love his bowling style and aggression on the field.

Muhammad Irfan

Muhammad Irfan, known for his tall height, has been a standout performer in the PSL. His PSL career was brief, but his height helped him take many wickets. 

At one time, he was the real star for his fans in PSL. Multan Sultan gave him excellent assistance and worked hard to improve his bowling abilities.

Muhammad Irfan fastest, slowest and average ball speed in psl

 His fastest ball in PSL was 148 Kph. He usually bowls around 145 Kph. This is one of the best bowling speed ranges as a medium pacer.

Like other left-hand bowlers, his main bowling skill was to the inswing ball to right-handers. This helped him get so many wickets in PSL. In terms of PSL records, he is among the top PSL players.

Muhammad Hasnain

One of the best medium pacers the PSL has ever produced is Muhammad Hasnain. Although he could be more speedy, he kept his bowling pace between 140 and 150 Kph. This speed has helped him take a lot of wickets in PSL.

Muhammad Amir fastest, slowest and average ball speed in psl

Because of his PSL accomplishments and impressive statistics, he was called up for the Big Bash League. This proves that the PSL is, in reality, an upper-edge bowling league.

He has produced a lot of match-winning performances in PSL. His fastest delivery in PSL is 154 Kph.


Ihsanullah, a right-arm pacer, recorded speeds of over 150 kph and maintained them throughout his spell. In actuality, Ihsanullah’s spell was the one that was completed the quickest in the tournament’s history.

Ihsanullah fastest, slowest and average ball speed in psl

His fastest ball in PSL is 150 Kph. He is one of the best bowlers in PSL 2023. Ihsanullah could be the next bowling star of Pakistan.

Ihsanullah is in the Multan Sultans squad, playing PSL 2023 for MS.

What is the speed of Ihsanullah’s Fastest ball in PSL 2023?

Ihsanullah is playing for Multan Sultans in PSL 8. His fastest delivery is 149mph bowled against Karachi Kings.

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