ODI WorldCup 2023What is the Prize Money and Price of ODI World Cup Trophy...

What is the Prize Money and Price of ODI World Cup Trophy 2023?

The ICC ODI World Cup Trophy along with prize money is given to the Cricket World Cup winners. This trophy is known as the World Cup Super League trophy, and it was initially awarded at the 1999 World Cup.
The ICC Cricket World Cup trophy is an indicator of superiority in the sport of cricket and has significant monetary and historical value.
The trophy, on the other hand, does not have a monetary value in the sense that it’s available for sale. It is given to the winning team of the Cricket World Cup tournament and remains the property of the International Cricket Council (ICC).
One thing is certain: the winning team will receive a prize in addition to the trophy. How big is that prize money? Yes, it is actually a big amount. Here is the value of the money.

Prize Money of World Cup 2023

The winner of the 2023 ODI World Cup will receive $4 million in prize money, while the team who finished second will get $2 million. Overall, total prize money for World Cup 2023 is around $ 10 million. This is the same as the prize money from the past world cup that happened in 2019. Any changes in prize money will be updated here in the table.

World Cup Stage 2023Number of TeamsAmount in USD ($ )Total in USD ($)INR (₹ )
Winner of World Cup1$4,000,000$4,000,000331,847,800.00
Runners Up1$ 2,000,00$ 2,000,0016,592,390.00
Team Losing Semi Final2$ 800,000 each$1,600,000132,739,120.00
League Stage Match Winner45$ 40,000 each$1,800,000149,331,510.00
Teams Fail to Qualify for League Stage6$ 100,000 each60,000$4,977,717.00
ODI World Cup Prize Money

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World Cup Prize Money from 1975 to 2019

Now, we will have a look at the historical prize money in World Cup history. At the start of the 1975 World Cup, there were only a few sponsors, and commercial development was thought to be slow. However, things changed significantly later on, with new sponsors showing up with each World Cup. As a result, the Prize money of the World Cup was also increased with time.

World CupWinnerTotal Prize Money (£) ($)Winner (Prize Money) (£) ($)Host
1975West Indies9000 £WI (4000 £)England
1979West Indies 25,900 £WI (10,000 £)England
1983India66,200 £IND (20,000 £)England
1987Australia99,300 £AUS (30,000 £)India & Pakistan
1992Pakistan1,18,000 £PAK (20,500 £)AUS & NZ
1996Sri Lanka200,000 £SL (30,000 £)IND, PAK & SL
1999Australia600,000 £AUS (180,000 £)England
2003Australia3000000 £Aus (1,800,000 £)SA, ZIM, KEN
2007Australia3000000 £Aus (1,400,000 £)WI
2011India3000000 £IND(1,400,000 £)IND, SL, BAN
2015Australia10,225,000 $AUS ( 3,975,000 $)AUS, NZ
2019England10,225,000 $ENG ($ 4,000,000)England
World Cup Prize Money from 1975 to 2019

As a result, we can see that the total prize money of the World Cup has increased from 9000 £ in 1975 to more than 10 million USD today. Similarly, the winner’s prize money is now $ 4,000,000, making the Cricket World Cup one of the most liked World Cups in sports history. Approximately 90% of cricket fans currently reside in a single country known as India.
India will host the 2023 Cricket World Cup, and every cricket fan will be excited to cheer on their favorite players on home soil.

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