ODI WorldCup 2023Best Batting Average in ODI WorldCup - Indian Batter is Leading

Best Batting Average in ODI WorldCup – Indian Batter is Leading

The ODI World Cup is one of the most competitive cricket tournaments in the World. The best bowlers and batsmen in the world are involved, as far as we know. Every batter needs to perform well with the bat to achieve the highest batting average in ODI WorldCup. All of the bowlers contribute significantly to quick wicket-taking. Every batter must bat well, just as every bowler must perform superbly with the ball. 

Highest batting average we all know is the number of runs scored divided by how many times he got out in batting. So, in order to perform well in batting average, a batter needs to stay on the pitch. Therefore, the biggest finishers in cricket are seen to have the highest batting average. So, achieving the highest batting average is a tough task and doing so in the World Cup is hard. Hence, we will look at the batter with the highest batting average in ODI WC history in this article. 

Rohit SharmaIND2015-20191797865.2140
AB de VilliersSA2007-2011-201523120763.52162*
Michael ClarkeAUS2007-2011-20152588863.4293*
Viv RichardsWI1975-1979-1983-198723101363.31181
David WarnerAUS2015-20191899262178
Rahul DravidIND1999-2003-20072286061.42145
Faf du PlessisSA2011-2015-20192392657.87109
Sachin TendulkarIND1992-1996-1999-2003-2007-201145227856.95152
Kane WilliamsonNZ2011-2015-20192391156.93148
Kumar SangakkaraSL2003-2007-2011-201537153256.74124
Highest Batting Average in ODI World Cup History

(Note: Only those players are included who have played minimum 15 World Cup innings)

best batting average in odi worldcup

1. Rohit Sharma | 65

Rohit Sharma has the highest batting average 65 in ODI World Cup history. That helped him in scoring 978 runs in One Day World Cup. He is one of the top-rated batters in the modern era of cricket and holds the record for the most World Cup centuries. ODI World Cup 2023 will be Rohit’s 3rd WC and hopes are high that he will be scoring more records. Here is Rohit’s individual batting average in every World Cup.

World CupBatting Average
Rohit Sharama Batting Average in ODI World Cup

2. AB De Villiers | 63

AB De Villiers retired from all forms of cricket, but his record for South Africa’s best batting average in the World Cup still stands. He continues to be recognized as the greatest batter from South Africa and is famous for his outstanding 360-degree shots.

AB de Villiers has the second highest batting average in ODI Worldcup histroy that is 63. World Cup 2007 did not go well for AB as he managed to achieve 37. But things changed in 2011 and 2015 World Cups, where he achieved 88 and 96 batting averages.

World CupBatting Average
AB de Villiers Batting Average in ODI World Cup

3. Michael Clark | 63

Michael Clark, the 2015 World Cup winning captain, is the greatest Australian middle order batter in history. Additionally, he has also scored 63 batting average in ODI WorldCup career.

So, he is the leading batter in terms of highest batting average for Australia. Michael Clark scored 888 runs in 25 World Cup matches with a batting average of  63. Here is his batting average record in each World Cup, played for Australia.

World CupBatting Average
Michael Clark Batting Average in ODI World Cup

4. Sir Viv Richards | 63

Sir Viv Richards ranked at number 04 position in terms of best batting average in World Cup history. Overall, he has a best batting average of 63 in 21 WorldCup innings. Sir Viv Richards played 04 World Cups for West Indies starting from 1975 ending at 1987 World Cup. The 1979 World Cup was the best performing World Cup for Viv Richards when he managed to achieve 108 batting average. Here is the individual World Cup batting average of Sir Viv Richards.

World CupBatting Average
Sir Viv Richards Batting Average in ODI World Cup

5. David Warner | 62

David Warner has achieved an average of 62 in 18 World Cup matches. He has the highest batting average in WC for Australia in active batters list. Overall, he scored 992 runs in 18 WC matches. Moreover, he has 04 centuries and 03 fifties to his name. Here is the list of Individual World Cup averages of David Warner.

World CupBatting Average
David Warner Batting Average in ODI World Cup

6. Rahul Dravid | 61

The Wall, as Rahul Dravid is also known, is regarded as the best middle order batter India has ever produced. Overall, he has a batting average of 61 in World Cup career. He has 02 centuries and 06 fifties in his World Cup career. His individual batting records in each World Cup are as follows:

World CupBatting Average
Rahul Dravid Batting Average in ODI World Cup

We can see how brilliant a batter he was in World Cup career. 1999 and 2003 WCs were his peak careers when he scored plenty of runs with 65 and 63 batting averages.

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7. Faf Du Plessis | 57

Faf Du Plessis has a best batting average of 57 in the World Cup. He will be playing for South Africa in the ODI World Cup 2023 and fans are expecting a very positive result from his bat. He batted with an average of more than 60 in 2015 and 2019 World Cups. WC 2011 was a bit of a mix in terms of performance where he managed to achieve 39 batting average.

World CupBatting Average
Faf du Plessis Batting Average in ODI World Cup

8. Sachin Tendulkar | 56

Sachin Tendulkar has an all time best batting average of 56 in WorldCup. Most of the cricket records in the world belong to Sachin, who is also regarded as the best batter in World Cup history. Sachin had a best batting average of 87 in World Cup 1996. How Sachin performed in other World Cups, here is the WC stats.

World CupBatting Average
Sachin Tendulkar Batting Average in ODI World Cup

9. Kane Williamson | 56

Kane Williamson has a batting average of 56 in World Cup history. Overall, he scored 02 centuries and 03 fifties to his name in his batting career. He achieved a batting average of 82 in the 2019 World Cup. He performed really well in the 2019 World Cup to lead his team into the final of WC 2019.

World CupBatting Average
Kane Williamson Batting Average in ODI World Cup

10. Kumar Sangakkara | 56

Kumar Sangakkara has a best batting average of 56 in World Cup history for Sri Lanka. He has a batting average of 56 in World Cup career. Overall, he has scored 05 centuries and 07 fifies in his WC career.

World CupBatting Average
Kumar Sangakara Batting Average in ODI World Cup
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